Family and Nursing Theory

Family and Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

The best nursing theory for use with the 33-year old patient is the Need theory by Virginia Henderson. According to Ahtisham and Jacoline (2015), the Need theory has a focus on increasing the independence of patients through consideration of their needs. It is evident that the body and the mind are inseparable, and thus psychological, biological, spiritual and sociological components of life are related. For the case of the patient, it is important that the examination and diagnosis of obesity, hypertension, and depression be linked with the social and emotional problems that may face her. For instance, the patient is jobless and cannot support her family. Moreover, she is at the hospital by herself, and her lack of proficiency in English is a barrier in socializing with the community.

Nursing Family Theory

The best nursing family theory for this case would be the Family Stress theory, a developmental theory borrowed from within the family science, that details out the maladaptation of the patient with the household stressors (Ahtisham & Jacoline, 2015). The theory explores and identifies how family systems adapt and thrive under stressful events. For the case of the patient, it is evident that her family is under some stressors and she has not adequately coped with the mechanism for dealing with these stressors. Therefore, her overall health is adversely impacted.

Approaches to providing culturally sensitive care to the patient

The patient’s belief and religion are necessary for the care given to the patient. For adequate care, both short and long-term goals must be set. The short-term goals will include developing coping strategies that the patients must understand to help them in relaxing, recreation and other spiritual activities. The long-term goal would entail developing communication competencies for the patient to learn English and thereby have the competence in employment opportunities.


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