Financial Stability for the Male Gender

Financial Stability for the Male Gender

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Financial stability is a universal responsibility for both male and female. However, over time the society has upheld that men are the heads and should take control of almost everything they come across. According to Varga, (2003), ever since the boy child is born they are brought up with the presumption and believe that a man should be financially stable. Thi is regardless of their age after 16 or 18 based on the community and society where some the obligation is instilled early than 16 years of age as well as background and education.


However, the economic constraints faced in almost every part of the world are pushing the men to an extent where they fill they are losing their manhood respect as well as their standing ground in the society. This is because as a man lack of financial responsibility is overwhelming, based on the fact that they are victims of the high levels of unemployment and on the other hand capital to set up any kind of financial or commercial investment is a challenge. As a matter of fact, the society intensifies pressure on the men to be self-sufficient and achieve some economic progress at a particular time and age. Primarily on a personal level, the situation is more of challenging since the environmental forces are unfavorable and mostly to the male gender.


Cueva and Rustichini, (2015) explains that the situation has exterminated some of the personal objectives and goals as a man to narrow down or even done away with some. For example, owning a house since the prices keep on escalating and the current financial position one can only afford a rental home.


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