Fitting the target and media

Fitting the target and media/ message used

Among the main themes demonstrated in the campaign are social status, gender superiority in the modern society and professionalism. Use of internet fit perfectly with the audience since they are young people and interactive sessions will make them feel more accommodated. Majority of the young people nowadays tend to lean more towards information obtained from the social media, and therefore the internet is a perfect platform. The message portrayed about gender superiority also attracts more females to purchase the cars. The reason behind this is that African American professional women can associate themselves with Bianca who is also a professional.

Being able to read Bianca’s journal was also interesting to the women since they feel that their lifestyle is incorporated. Journals also perfectly fit professionals since they are in positions where record keeping is a key element. They will, therefore, be very interested to read since they are already accustomed to the lifestyle. Bianca could hence be able to relay a message using the journal, and of course, the message was also relayed visually. The internet is, therefore, a great platform to pass a message to a particular group of people. The means of passing information is therefore very important in determining consumer behaviour (Rani, 2014).

Ability to tap the cultural aspect of the target group

The campaign is tapping the cultural aspect of the target group in that, Bianca can identify what people of her ethnic group prefer. She belongs to the African American class of professional women. Culture will hence be upheld since the target market, and influence person is from the same ethnic and racial groups (Kuan, 2014). Being a professional as well, it makes it easier to relate to the needs of people of similar backgrounds. She will be able to market the product while taking care not to go overboard, in essence, go against the moral and cultural values upheld by the African American professional women.

African American women are straightforward, upright and hold high levels of dignity. Being professionals, it is very important for any company to consider these values so that they do not go against them and as a result lose the target market.  The campaign is, therefore, tapping the cultural values of professional African American women by employing Bianca who is also African American and a professional to act as the brand ambassador. Using of people in marketing who are aware of what the others are going through can boost the performance of a company (Kuan, 2014).


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