Forced migration can be defined as the movement of people from their domicile to another. This movement can be enhanced by factors such as natural tragedies including drought, floods, and famine (Gemenne, 2014). Another cause of migration can search for better opportunities especially in the western countries where many believe there are many viable opportunities. Civil wars can also force people to move from their original lands. These wars may be caused by the political situation, race, and religious beliefs. There are many people who have migrated due to political induced situations such as post-election violence. When a government intends to develop an area, it may displace the residents of that area for instance when building roads, mining in that area and building of airports. In essence, these people are mostly compensated with huge amounts of money and as a result, may opt to migrate to their coveted western countries without much thinking.

Outline of the Essay

Migration in the recent days has become a threat to security in the countries where people migrate into. With the increase in a number of immigrants in western countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, and other developed countries, there is a tendency to increase the level of crimes. Immigrants may consider turning into criminal activities in cases where they feel unappreciated in the new country. Also, when these people do not find what they were aiming to get in the new country, they may adopt bad behaviors such as prostitution and robbery. This happens when they lack the opportunities such as jobs in that country.

Security can be considered in many aspects. A country’s security can be risked regarding; inadequacy of resources. When there are too many immigrants in a country, the country may lack enough resources to feed all of them which may render a country being unable to provide (bankruptcy) and a shame to other states. This is considered as instability of the country since it is not able to maintain its people. Another threat is that too many people in a country who might be jobless may lead to crimes rising in these countries (Lazaridis, 2016). Western countries are considered more productive, and thus immigrants may turn to robbery and murder crimes to generate money. Since these states are expensive to live in, they find that engaging in criminal activities may be an easy breakthrough. They may also form gangs that threaten the security of these countries.

There are also societal security threats. These are influences that immigrants may have on the residents of that state. Some immigrants may be demoralized, and this may hence influence those residing in the state they have migrated into. This will lead to the adoption of bad cultural activities and immorality increase which is a threat to the society at large (Lazaridis, 2016). The traditions of that community are hence lost in the long run. For example, communities that uphold honesty and respect may be corrupted by immigrants who come from societies that do not regard respect highly. The society may adapt to these trends and end up losing their dignity in the long run. Corruption of behaviors may make a particular state to lag behind since even in professional sectors; there will be an influence of this bad behavior.

This essay will hence focus on all these threats that are brought about by immigrants into the western countries in particular. These will be explained in detail and remedies to these security threats will be established since security is a large aspect.


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