Formulating leadership

Formulating leadership


As millennials begin to climb the corporate ladder, it is critical for companies to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the new challenges they will face as leaders. While an increasing number of companies have recognized the importance of adjusting their workplaces and practices to accommodate their millennial employees, few have programs in place to address their leadership development needs.

Practices that enhance millennial leadership

In order to attract millennials to senior positions, managers should be explicit about what technology they make available which makes the job more efficient and productive. Managers should let millennials learn by doing and also listen to their suggestions in order to get different perspectives. The millennials should also have access to the superiors and be able to collaborate with them. Management should also foster efficiency; productivity and prioritizing highest-value work to enable millennial know what actions matter most to the success of an organization.


The first step  would be to adequately prepare for the presentation by conducting an exhaustive analysis and review of the topic, carefully building slides that clearly and succinctly convey the message to the senior managers. The presentation should simple to enable the audience understand it easily by removing unnecessary information that may take the discussion off track and also being flexible while presenting, and be ready with supporting data  because it is common for senior executives  to  take comfort in the fact that one has tortured the data.


It takes more than a training manual to teach skills like workplace communication and professionalism. Instead, companies must embrace an individualized approach to leadership development, taking into account the teaching styles that tend to work best for millennials.



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