Fundamental Principles of Public Finance

Read the case on p.34-35, City Dwellers Drill for Precious Fluid: answer and discuss the following in short-answer essay: Identify the various types of goods,(private, public, & in between) involved in this case. What was the primary objective being sought & how was it being financed? Is that financing approach appropriate for the type of goods involved?
What options might governments in the Boston area have? What would you recommend to prevent further damage? Please incorporate academic journals & other appropriate references in addition to the textbook.

The title of the textbook is Fiscal Administration, 8th edition by John Mikesell, Wadsworth,Inc.

The above listed information is in this textbook. I have the textbook in e-book format and would allow access to the writer to complete the assignment. Please advise if this is possible? Secondly, does the writer have access to the book or able to get access to the book?

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