GCU Library scholarly databases

GCU Library scholarly databases

Identify two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help you find the best research articles to support your EBP proposal. Discuss why these two databases are better than Google Scholar or a general Internet search.

When doing research in Grand Canyon University (GCU), the students have a variety of sources that they can apply as they are all at their disposal. It should be however noted that the reliability of the information and its accuracy determine the results of any research and therefore when selecting a database form Grand Canyon University (GCU) library, one should be careful to get the ones that are in line with his topic of research.

In my proposal, I believe CINAHL and Health Source databases would be helpful in gathering substantial information that will be used to back my research and therefore being in a position to present reliable research results.  CINAHL contain the most recent, confirmed or instead authenticated medical information that has been peer-reviewed with over 1,300 full-text journals and 5,400 indexing of journals (Grand Canyon University, 2017). The journals and the articles, as well as the other data sources in the database, contain concrete information that is not only helpful but also reliable in the research process.

Internet sources have been invaded by bloggers and other comments that are not confirmed to be true and therefore misleading the researchers. The degree of errors contained in the information retrieved from the Google sources keep increasing and therefore making it even harder to get accurate results from research (Polit & Beck 2017).

Nursing research is critical as it deals with peoples health and therefore failure to consider the sources and the information used could lead to inaccuracy and the errors that could cause huge damage to people’s health as one could have misleading results and therefore when applied in treatment process ends up having adverse side effects on the patients. This could, thus, be a blow not only to the patients and the hospital management but also to the health sector at large as the results obtained from research are meant to be adopted in different levels of the healthcare sector.


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