Global Encounters

Global Encounters

Question 1:  We are so happy that you have decided to apply to Global Encounters. What do you hope to learn from your time at Global Encounters? What do you hope to contribute to the Global Encounters community? Given your personal and academic aspirations, what would an experience like Global Encounters mean for you?


There are people in this world who live their whole lives in their own little bubble. One where not only are they unaware of how life is outside of it, but do nothing  to change it. As humans, there are more than seven billion of us, but each only gets one life. One life means one chance; one chance to explore, make a difference, learn, and encounter. Within this short life I have, I plan to make the most of every second, to leave this world with knowing that I truly conquered it and created an impact, no matter how small. From my time at Global Encounters, I hope to learn one thing, and that is my place in this world. The one question I have is, what can I contribute to this world with the life i’ve been given, and how will I do it. Life is different for everyone, it is everyone’s unique chance to make their own mark, and I believe that Global Encounters will help me to learn mine. In finding my place in this beautifully diverse world, it is crucial to be fully exposed to all sides of it, to embark on a journey to fully explore it and see where I end up. Global Encounters is an experience that can teach me the true hidden beauty within every culture and person, along with the gratifying deed of making a difference in the lives of other people. Lastly, I hope to contribute my heart, dedication, and soul to the Global Encounters community. By having an active role in a place where I am able to work hands on with people of different backgrounds and cultures, I know that my passion, worldview, and teamwork would be extremely beneficial to a message and movement as powerful as that of Global Encounters.



Question 2: Describe an accomplishment, experience or project that has been meaningful for you and has helped you grow. In what capacity were you involved? What did you learn from your experience?



Throughout my life, I have been blessed to have had access to so many opportunities that have helped me to become the person I am today. However, there is one experience that has made an everlasting impact and has changed the way I look at people and the world itself. Last summer, I had the opportunity to do community service at a local montessori for babies and small children and act as an assistant to all the teachers. From this I came to see that there is a difference between spending time and playing with kids occasionally and seeing them in their own comfortable environment learning every single day. With this experience of working hands on with them, not only was I able to see just how valuable witnessing that is, but I got to play an active role in it. People today underestimate the true intelligence that a child really has. I too did exactly this, until I truly came to understand and see the way that a child’s brain works, how they have the urge to explore and see everything with this look of curiosity and amazement, how they put their minds to work with everything they do. My whole life I had listened to Hazar Imam’s farmans on the importance on early childhood education, and I never really paid much attention to this point. But after being able to teach small children in an environment in which they were learning and growing, I truly understood exactly why Hazar Imam said this. The mind of a child is more active at such a young age then it will ever be in their entire life. These kids are so capable of anything and everything, and by putting them in a place where they can really come to understand their talents is of the utmost importance. At the end of this experience, I felt that the most rewarding feeling was being able to create a bond with them, to be able to grow and learn with them, and to see how they look at you with nothing but love and happiness. To know that I was helping them become the amazing human beings that each and every child is was something that moved me immensely and I could not have been happier with the role that I played.


Question 3:  Identify a current problem that affects your local community or the world at large. Why is it important to you? Identify the steps you have taken or would take to raise awareness about this problem?


The world that we live in today is one that along with being ever so evolving and diverse, is also just as complex and corrupt. People spend days and nights fighting for their lives instead of just being able to enjoy it, while others are discriminated against for things that aren’t under their control. Racism, sexism, and poverty are just the beginning of a long line of problems in this world that do not deserve to exist. Each and every human is beautiful in their own unique way and it is disturbing to see that people are discriminated against just for being who they are. Sexism, in particular, has been an issue that has been placing women as inferior since the beginning of time. It affects women around the world in every aspect. From beginning socially and in the home, it comes to the extent of affecting the workplace, religion, political, and even educational aspects. From people assuming that my place is in the kitchen while a man’s is out in the world, to being told that I will have less success in my future career because of my gender, my dedication and passion to the fight against sexism has only increased. Mary Wollstonecraft, Malala Yousafzai, and so many more admirable and strong women have taken this matter into their own hands, working endlessly to fix how women are being treated. However, the most important thing I have learned from being a woman and knowing what it is like to be thought of as inferior, is that it isn’t only the big movements that make a difference, it is every single woman. I know for a fact that when I stand up for myself and show that this demeaning stereotype is not one that holds me down, I am making a difference, along with raising support and awareness for it one person at a time. This fight is not just for women, it is for the betterment of the humankind; It is so that each and every human can live up to their full potential and each person has the ability to be a member of the solution, not the problem. I, throughout my entire existence, will be a part of this fight, and will take it person by person to ensure that women are not only treated as equal, but to have their pure colors shown.




Question 4:  It is often the obstacles we face in life that shape our character and view of the world. Share an experience when you were faced with a challenge or failure. How did it affect you? Reflecting back on that experience, what did you learn or what would you do differently?



Although my life is not one that is more special than others, it is unique in the fact that the obstacles I have faced are mine and mine only. They are ones that with my own drive and motivation, I have moved past, and have taught me lessons that have helped me become the person I am today. At one point in my life, there was a time where I gave up and put myself in a place where I was so incredibly overwhelmed and disappointed in myself that I could not get up on my own. School had always been something that I loved and had never challenged me to a point where I could not handle it. This all changed in seventh grade, when I went from being in the same range as my classmates to much behind. I had never asked for help before from my family or my teachers and I didn’t know how to, so my grades, along with my self confidence began to decline greatly. Just like most kids, I had always been told that I was a genius and that nothing should be hard for me. When I hit this moment in the seventh grade, I slowly began to understand that life is tough and it gives you moments where you might not just be an outright genius. I felt that asking for help and coming to terms with the fact that I needed assistance would make me weak and would disappoint my parents who have always just wanted the best for me. This problem came to the point where my teachers and parents had to meet to address the issues I was having and I could not be more ashamed. However, this feeling of shame slowly made me understand that asking for help did not make me weak, it only made me human. From then on, my entire perception of myself had changed for the better. No longer was I afraid to ask for help, whether it be on an assignment or a problem outside of school. I started working harder at my grades until I was in a place in which I was content with myself. This impact did not end there, for it has progressed into who I am today. Because of the struggles I have faced, I now know that I am just like everyone else and to reach my goals all it takes is hard work and drive. This is a lesson that without, I would not be able to survive the life I have, and I am eternally grateful for the obstacle and people that have helped me to come to this realization.


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