Global Encounters

Global Encounters

We all have dreams in our lives and as humans; there is only one change we get of living. We must make our lives worth living, make a difference in every little thing we do, explore, learn and meet new people. Knowing our worth is the most important thing in this life since it is how we get moving. It is important to believe in ourselves since no one can know our worth expect we see it ourselves.

During my time at Global Encounters, I hope to learn how to appreciate myself more, love myself better, value myself and rate my life higher. This is because I know I have an important role to play in this life since I am not an accident. I have always wanted to feel my place in the world and contribute positively. This is a one of a kind opportunity that could change my whole life. I believe that Global Encounters will help me achieve my life goals as I appreciate myself more.

I hope to learn the different cultures that are in this world while fully exploring my world. It will help me to know what other people see value in and the gaps that exist in their lives which will need to be filled. This way, I will be aware of how I can help others who are less privileged in any manner, be it education, financial status, health condition or marginalization. The first step to appreciating yourself is appreciating others and considering them important without any bias on culture, race or ethnicity. I feel that this will be a life-changing opportunity for me since I will be able to meet new, different people each new day as I satisfy my curiosity driven by ambition, passion, and dedication. I know that Global Encounters will be my base for development in my education knowledge and personal aspiration as I learn to claim my position in the world.


Doing community service at a local Montessori has been one of the most life-changing opportunities I have had. I was an assistant to the tutors and I had a chance to mingle with little kids during all their playtime breaks. I came to learn the benefit of spending time with children other than just playing with them. This opportunity gave me a chance to play an active role in helping others. I learned to appreciate children in our society. Most people do not know that children have hidden capabilities since they do not spend time with them at all. I came to learn that children have hidden treasures in them that need to be discovered through association and encouraging them. Instilling fear in children should be discouraged.

Being with the children, I was able to relate to the functioning of the brain of a child. I had previously not paid any attention to the benefits of early childhood education, but after this experience, I came to relate with what I had earlier heard that a child’s brain is the most active than at any other age. I can now say that I have hands-on experience in helping kids grow up to become important members of the society. Creating a bond with children was the most important thing that I gain, and I can relate to children easily than before. Knowing that I played an important role in helping them develop their abilities and skills makes me feel satisfied with helping others achieve their dreams and discover themselves is my passion. This is because I knew that I had left a remarkable mark on these children that they would embrace even when they grow older. It’s always important to make others happier than you found them.


There are a lot of problems that are faced in our communities and the world today that is a limitation for growth and making the world a community. The most common problems are racism, sexism, and poverty. These are the problems that have caused the most concern in our societies today. Most people do not appreciate the diversity of others at all. Every human being has been created uniquely, and when they are discriminated against things they cannot change, it’s very disturbing. Sexism has been a problem adapted from generation to generation. Women are considered to be the weaker gender. Most job opportunities are given to men since they are considered more ‘brainy’ than men. A woman’s position is often claimed to be the kitchen. For instance, managerial jobs, most presidential positions, and other leadership positions are not given to women.

Racism is also common. People are discriminated due to their skin color and ethnic groups. In most parts, the black community is considered inferior and not given respect they deserve. They are mostly labeled thieves in most developed countries; they are given the most inferior jobs in most cases despite their skills. This has continued to instill fear in them in that they do not feel at peace living in more developed countries. To make matters worse, women who are black or any other race not appreciated face the most trouble and can be used as ‘objects’ rather than people.

These are the most important issues that affect me since I feel that every person should be treated with respect regardless of their gender and race. I have been talking to my friends and encouraging them to appreciate women and every person in general. Once I organized a birthday party for my friend who is black. This is a way of creating awareness that people of different cultures and races can become friends thus sending a message to my other friends who had attended the party.

Challenges in Life

Challenges have been a part of my life in my day to day activities. These have shaped me to be a better person since I believe that obstacles are among the things that push a person to do more. These are my motivation to work hard to achieve my dreams. There was a time in my life I had been so disappointed and felt like I could not move on anymore.

When I was in my seventh grade, I started dropping my grades drastically. My teachers continuously reminded me of my poor performance, my parents were disappointed in me, and I felt judged by my peers at school. I didn’t have the motive to go to school anymore neither did I feel like staying at home. I felt left out and that no one understood me. I also could not bring myself to terms that I, who was among the topmost students in my class, had started failing. I even opted to drop out of school.

It took a friend to point out to me that I needed help and asking for help was not a weakness. This was when I learned that failure is all in my brains. If I chose to pass, I would work on it without fear which makes me a better person. Looking back at my failure in the past, I have learned that it’s not a weakness to ask for help. If I knew what I know now, I would face my fears courageously and ask for help with no shame. I have now learned to embrace my fears, and I find every challenge as a stepping stone for a better thing ahead.

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