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Global Fashion Markets – South Korea


South Korea is an exceptionally intriguing business sector for Fashion organizations. The market itself holds numerous business openings yet, also, goes about as a central passage point to other Asian markets. One of the most notable factors in the country is the South Korea market overview that opens up a captivating internationalization business and marketing opportunities for the fashion industry.

This paper aims at demonstrating the global fashion market in South Korea, its impacts on the global platform and also how encouraging the fashion industry in the country for the designers and also on a personal level. On the other hand, the paper aims at showcasing the professional development in the fashion market, which is mostly developed by personal orientation and understanding the commerce. Additionally, the paper will evaluate the relationship between the class to topics, and the dynamics face in the real world, with regards to the global fashion market in South Korea as well as the benefits of global fashion market as a career about personal development.


South Korea is one of the leading counties with regards to global fashion market. Over the years the county has experienced a lot of attention for the global scene which is mainly brought about by, the increased technology and its uses. Such as social media and availability of internet access to its citizens. Additionally, the South Korean rich culture has contributed significantly to the fashion sector which also faces a boost based on the living standards of its population as a better number of the South Korean people are wealthy.

On the other hand, one of the major motives for choosing fashion is the truancy and realism that the fashion industry develops. This is because of the creativity, the designs and most probably the fact that every effort is appreciated in a big way. This makes the fashion work more encouraging and fun to work too. Similarly, the work fashion relates to what the environmental impacts on us a the human race, as well as it incorporated the similarities and difference of every society which later develops to become a unifying factor in the modern world a good example being appreciated cultural difference and similarities (Brockington, Dan & Stefano Ponte 21.).

Analysis As It Relates To Our Text Topic, a Scholarly Publication or Professional Source

The Korean industry has been on the rise since 2012 (Jung Jung & Hye 54). Companies such as Adidas Korea and  Athleisure fashion store have become one of the megastores in the world about size as well as financial stability brought about by the increased sales over the years. On the other hand, the International trade show that features Korean fashioners and activities by the Korean Culture Centre to display their work have conveyed the correct sort of regard for international as well as local designers. Gingham’s Rodeo Street, Dongdaemun Market and Seoul Fashion expose are loaded with worldwide procurers and designers with the intention to make an effort or comprehend and also understand the dynamics of the Korean market and its consumers. The platforms in the county are never limited to dress and stretch out to a scope of classifications that include bags and accessories. The style has discovered various fans among K-pop stars and also worldwide superstars, for example, Wiz Khalifa, Rita Ora, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna, who have now turned out to be long-haul customers.

Similarly, with a blast of shading, modern technical implementation, art, and utilization of test textures, their accumulations can be viewed as a reproduction of new millennial fashion concepts. Korean recent college grads are encountering a completely extraordinary world to their folks. The mechanical and web movement has given youthful Koreans a crisp stage to speak with the world, and subsequently the post-computerized Korean style can now and then appear to be confined from the traditional stylish (Caniato $ Federico 85). London-based autonomous exhibition custodian and innovative lead at the Hyman Archive, Tory Turk, who has practical experience in style and pop culture and has curated displays for the Korean Culture Centre

Judgement and Evaluation

Presently, South Korea has retained an extraordinary design style that has developed the nations recognized in the fashion platform in the entire world. The Korean fashion brand has turned out to become one of the most expensive, culture mirroring and the developed sense of individualizing in the globe, compared to other players in the same field of practice. Moreover, the widespread of thankfulness attitude for the South Korean culture that has also influence the fashion industry. Korean famous people are developing and establishing a genuine impression and influence on design, fashion and its market. For example, some of the celebrities from Korea have as of late been showing up in places like New York.

As explained by one of the designers in the county Mr. Euny Hong, that this design wonder will soon be overall Korean road wear today is long ways from the traditional styles of the 1900s, and is archiving an enormous social move. It speaks to splitting far from obsolete thoughts where a great deal of accentuation is set on thoughts of flourishing, fortunes and lifespan. It’s about free articulation and independence develops as a result of the current times (D’arpizio & Claudia 100). This mix of solid individual feelings and traditional style is the thing that resounds with a whole age that stretches out past the outskirts of this minor Asian peninsula. As a result, it’s what makes Korean street wear such a vast scale phenomenon. This is because Korea lives in a worldwide today, where worldwide patterns once in a while seem to eradicate national visitors, and at best, make solidarity.

In conclusion, South Korea stands out amongst the most associated nations on the planet as far as web and cell phone utilization are concerned. In 2015, the extent of the portable mobile advertised was relied upon to achieve three billion dollars (Hennigs & Nadine, 67). In line with economic predictions, the online market is relied upon to achieve 48.5 billion dollars in 2015 to 65 billion dollars by the year 2018. In the country, the shoppers of any age lean toward buying low evaluated merchandise through the web. A standout amongst fascinating sections for Finnish organizations is 1-2 man family units that have expanded quickly. These families have initiated the appropriation channels close-by, driving likewise to an ascent in e-commerce. Fare Finland’s market diagram uncovers that customary retail establishments additionally favor in physical brands that are successful in their online market

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