Global Food market or trade; innovation related

Topic (Global Food market or trade; innovation related)

Assignment Instructions

Annotated bibliographies (AB) have many uses. First, they provide a compilation of sources with intelligent commentary; meaning, that not only do you have a summary of the content of a source, but you also have some comment as to why the source is (or is not) of use.

Second, ABs provide a quick reference for useful definitions and key ideas (if you’ve done your job). Finally, ABs help to provide you an overview of the field so that you are not repeating work that’s already been done, but can make a genuine contribution (or at least get a better grade on your current project).

The purpose of compiling an annotated bibliography is to gain background information on the topic (innovation of Global food market or trade) and to prepare yourself to review the literature associated with your project. Your goal is to provide the context for your own research and credibility for your conclusions by finding out what other scholars say on the same subject.

You will need to include 8 sources total — at least 2 for each section

The components of an annotated bibliography are as follows:

  1. Title, bold and centered with innovation in italics:

Annotated Bibliography for the Innovation White Paper: Global Food market or trade

  1. Each entry:

1) APA-style reference (See Resources below.)

2) A short paragraph of 3-4 sentences indicating

  • the question or problem addressed by the article (the research question)
  • the method of analysis (the method)
  • the main outcome/thesis (the result or major idea)
  • the conclusions and/or recommendations provided by author/s.

3) Explicit mention of where your innovation is discussed –include page number, location on page (if relevant, useful), and quoted material (copy/paste is fine, must be in quotes, must have page number; may be a figure, and if so, include caption information as well).

4) In brackets, note how this source is useful to you; how will you use it in your innovation white paper? how does it relate to your other sources?

(innovation white paper is a future assignment, and this assignment is kind of like source research for innovation white paper )

An example is shown below. Note that for full credit, each entry must have all four parts as well as proper formatting.

***NOTE: Annotated Bibliographic entries from low quality sources will receive no credit.***Below is Example of title and ONE entry:

Suggestions for success:

  • Use only high-quality sources! Watch the lecture videos! If you’re unsure about a source, email your instructor.
  • Don’t use a citation maker. Look at the APA guide in the Appendix of your textbook or Purdue OWL’s site about APA style(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Knowing how to build a citation will help you avoid mistakes later when/if you start using a citation maker. Remember, they’re only as good as the information that is input.




Content: (1) Sources are scholarly or high-quality trade. (2) Sources are recent (usually within the last decade). (3) Summary covers whole reading.


Organization and Coherence: (1) Each entry includes the citation, the summary, important information in quotations with page number, and note explaining the source’s usefulness and connection to other sources. (2) Organization should be consistent throughout.


Evidence and Support: Quotes are clearly related to explaining the innovation


Mechanics: (1) APA citation style is correct. (2) Page number is included for all quotes.


IMPORTANT! Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. The penalty is failing this class and official notification of an Honor Code violation sent to the University. Copying is plagiarism! “Submitting a document or assignment which in whole or in part is identical or substantially identical to a document or assignment not authored by the student” is also plagiarism as defined by the  Honor Code (my emphasis).

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