Global Strategy report on Brexit Global Insights

We have to write a report on Internal Analysis of Jaguar company.

We are supposed to do Internal Analysis.
Resource Based View: Core competence  VRIN
Value Disciplines (Treacy & Wiersema)
Organisational culture / character profiling
Strategic alignment: McKinsey 7Ss

Relevant theories and models should be used to offer depth of analysis.
A contextual perspective MUST be offered using the CIRCUMSTANCES of the company/
industry selected. This will provide the depth of an analysis.

The UK has formally begun the process of leaving the European Union.
There is a commitment to supporting business and governments around the world
understand the issues, and manage the opportunities and uncertainties that Brexit will
bring. (PWC, 2017)
Most commenters and businesses will agree that the Brexit vote came as a surprise. This
notwithstanding, it has left both Europe and the United Kingdom in a precarious position
of having to negotiate an exit strategy for the United Kingdom.

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