Grant proposal-Outcomes of fibrinolytic therapy versus PCI”

Identify a research method (review Module 5: Research Designs) that could be used to conduct new or further research on the topic of “Outcomes of

fibrinolytic therapy versus PCI”. Use your literature review on the Outcomes of fibrinolytic therapy versus PCI to discuss the background on the

research previously conducted on this topic placed in the “Statement of Need” Section of your proposal.

Optional but encouraged: Go to you group lab discussion area and develop ideas for your grant proposal. These can be original or drawn from the

example below. Help each other out and come up with something spectacular.

1) Develop and submit to the Grant Proposal Dropbox a well written, carefully crafted grant proposal to obtain funding for the project if the

proposal is selected by the donating agency (Hahn R&D enterprises).

2) Complete only the following sections of the proposal, using the Proposal Short course as a guide:

Executive Summary
Statement of Need
Project Description

Note: You do not need to provide research budgets/financials and organizational information which is covered in the tutorial.

The proposal will be a minimum of 5 pages, you may use the following as a guide:

Executive Summary (at least 1/2 page)
Statement of Need (1 page)
Project Description (1-2 pages)
Conclusion (at least 1/2 page).

The research proposal is unrestricted and the angle of the study is open to your ideas. In an attempt to get you on the right track, consider the

following example or you are free to talk about topics with your lab mates (the writing of the grant will be an individual project though).


A grant proposal could be submitted to Hahn R&D Enterprises in order to fund the ongoing research that evaluates the risk/benefit analysis of using

fibrinolytic therapy in the out of the hospital setting. The grant proposal would request funding to conduct an ongoing retrospective study of

clinical outcomes of patients that received fibrinolytic therapy by Paramedics when patients present with heart attack symptoms in the field prior

to arrival at rural hospitals in North West Florida and South Alabama.

Topic Background: In cases where a patient suffers from a “heart attack” (myocardial infarction”) a blood clot blocks the vital arteries in the

heart from circulating blood, ultimately starving the heart of much needed oxygen. If the infarct is not reversed quickly, the outcome will result

in the death of the patient. There are two fundamental methods to remove the lethal blood clot from the vital arteries of the heart and restore

blood circulation:

1) Fibrinolytic Therapy- A medication to break down the clot

2) Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)- Coronary Angioplasty, mechanical re-perfusion by the placement of stints and other techniques

As you write your grant proposal, keep in mind the following:

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