health care delivery mode

health care delivery mode

Describe one innovative health care delivery model that incorporates an interdisciplinary care delivery team. How is this advantageous to patient outcomes?

Patient centered Medical Home model is one of the models that have put the patient’s interests at the fore front. The model has strived to improve and maintain a better relationship between patients and their clinical care team and therefore ended up improving the healthcare quality, staff satisfaction, and patients experience and also greatly contributed towards reducing the health care costs (Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 2015). In this model the most widely adopted program is NCQA’s which is supported by more than 100 payers through financial incentives or coaching and also recognizes more than 12,000 practitioners which has more than 60,000 clinicians (Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 2015). All the patients that have earned recognition through NCQA have made their healthcare providers to make a commitment of providing a commitment of quality improvement therefore promoting the patients’ health and satisfaction. In the model the primary care physicians are the ones that effectively promote the patients treatment process.

The fact that the patients are mostly in direct contact with the primary physicians has effectively made the treatment process more collaborative and fast as the patients are able to see their relevant medical care physician any time they have a condition and therefore taking precautionary measures which is one of the factors that has led to straining the healthcare budget (Oklahoma Health Care Authority, 2015). The model has made a milestone in the physical, mental as well as chronic conditions as most of the medical cases need a direct and a more close contact between the patient and the physician for them to be improved. Most of the retired people and those unemployed have sometimes been constrained by the medical bills as well as the health insurance packages offered by the insurance companies and therefore the model has made it easy to access some simple medical checkups at the comfort of their homes and therefore greatly reducing the cost.


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