Health Equity

Health Equity

Equity has been a paramount issue in the society for quite a long time. Health equity has been defined as the peak level attainment of health for all the people regardless of their economic, environmental and social conditions (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2013). According to the video, the issue of health equity is tackled from the basic form to help one understand better on the aim of health equity. It is quite evident that there are different groups of people and are usually subject to various conditions, but in spite of all those differences, everyone should have a fair opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

The video is quite informative on highlighting causes of health differences among different groups of people. The video expounds on the various causes such as the social inequities and how they are related to one not being able to access good healthcare due to race, class, sexual orientation and gender. This depicts unfairness to the individuals since some of these conditions one does not have control over them. It brings to our attention that most institutions such as schools and corporations usually play a large part in creating unequal opportunities among individuals which can create economic disadvantages which in turn will affect one’s ability to secure proper and equal health care.

It also shows the drift caused by such institutions can affect one’s health which is explained from the neighbourhood one lives. These conditions are further influenced by other factors such as crime and increasing violence rates, reduced access to healthy food and exercise places. Equity in resources will foster proper and equitable healthcare which is critical in reducing health disparities enable everyone to reach their full health potential (Kronenfeld, 2013).



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