Health Information Systems Acquisition

Health Information Systems Acquisition

Steps to consider in the acquisition of a telemedicine system

Considering it is in the rural area and caters to such a large number of patients, the system implementation should be efficient and smooth. The target time frame, the system outages and system shutdowns for the integration and implementation should be planned prior. Some of the issues to consider are;

  • The number of users to access the system is important to determine whether the system will be server or client based and if the users are many, the best option is to implement a server-based system (Alajmi, Almansour & Househ, 2013).
  • The system requirements should be assessed and the kind of technical issues that could be faced should be listed clearly with the key ones being the following patient registration system and accounts management system (Alajmi et al., 2013).
  • Interlinking the various hospital departments to facilitate quicker records fetching and referrals, to the different departments without conflicts should also be emphasized on.
  • Another consideration would be to ensure the targeted end users of the system would be well trained in using and troubleshooting the system in case of any technical problem.
  • Reporting parameters should be identified as to how the system reports are generated and sent to the management.

Who to involve in the planning process

Business analysts should be included in the process to communicate the comfort of the target users of Telemedicine system and the changes they want and in which way, to the development team of the system. This would help in seamless integration of Telemedicine system in the existing setup (Alajmi et al., 2013). The technical manager too should be involved to aid in troubleshooting, deployment, and training the end users on using the system, since they need hands-on training on using the system.  The human resource managers should also be involved to give a brief awareness of the users and their literacy level regarding the use of computers (Alajmi et al., 2013)


Alajmi, D., Almansour, S., & Househ, M. S. (2013). Recommendations for implementing telemedicine in the developing world. In ICIMTH (pp. 118-120).

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