Health Promotion

Health Promotion

The community at Fayette County in Pennsylvania sparked my interest in conducting a health promotion exercise due to the increasing number of deaths as a result of traffic accidents, and a large number of teenagers that have contracted HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Potential issues regarding the health promotion in engaging professional partners and the community include escalating traffic deaths, high incidences of suicide cases and the prevalence of HIV and STDs among the teenagers.  These are quite alarming matters and to come up with feasible solutions through engagement strategies. These will include ensuring a common vision among all partners which will be geared towards helping reduce these cases. This will help in sustaining partnerships, in the long run, and encourage stakeholders in clearly defining their roles to meet specific goals (Edelman, Mandle & Kudzma, 2013).

Establishing organized opportunities, to engage stakeholders could be a successful initiative, and it depends on the active contribution of families, unions, local organizations, school boards and local administrative agencies. Initiating and sustaining involvement requires the creation of collaborative and structured prospects (Edelman et al., 2013).

Encouraging discussion about challenges and solutions is critical for sustaining community and professional partners work. Communication is vital in addressing the issues at hand which makes it possible to stakeholders and the community at large to contribute towards a common goal.

Engaging the professional partners in the use of data. Generation of useful and targeted data on the county’s health promotion initiatives can be challenging, but it is necessary to measure the outcomes of the issues (McKenzie et al., 2016). Sharing of data helps in making the data more accessible to the professionals. This also helps them appreciate problems at hand, and they can hold each other accountable for making determinate progress on results.

Ensuring that there is embracing of diversity and that the professionals are representative of the community. Therefore, the professional partners have to adopt practices that will result in the retention of diversity in the handling of the issues.

The community in the county can be majorly described as of an urban culture as it’s a part of a Metropolitan area. The population in Fayette County is prevalent to some health issues including, obesity, stroke, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Some of the illnesses have affected the community for an extended period. This information was acquired by collecting the relevant data throughout the County making sure that each township, city, and the borough are represented to avoid biases (McKenzie, Neiger & Thackeray, 2016).

There are various resources at the county’s disposal to help in alleviating these problems. The different learning institutions in the county ranging from universities, colleges, private schools, community cyber charter institutes among others, can be used to educate the students and also the public on the above issues. This will help in changing their mindsets and attitudes towards these issues (McKenzie et al., 2016).

The elaborate and comprehensive system of government will also help in funding hospitals, agencies, and schools to continue assisting towards fighting these problems. The hospitals in the county are numerous, and others are coming up, as a result, this will help prevent more losses due to lack of proper healthcare to all victims. The state and local governments working together to improve the infrastructure especially the roads will reduce the number of fatalities on the streets.The fact that the county is a metropolis, the taxes can be used to build more hospitals to reduce congestion in case of emergencies. The hospitals should also be upgraded and be well stocked. A large number of diverse professionals in the state of Pennsylvania will offer proficient aid concerning skills, knowledge, and finances to reduce issues of suicide through counseling programs.  Formation of support groups will help those who have HIV and sexually transmitted diseases and educating the community especially the adolescents to be safer regarding matters of sex will also go a long way in streamlining the health issues (McKenzie et al., 2016).


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