Given the important aspects of healthcare covered in Advanced Practice II, I would concur that there is a lot to research about as an individual to grasp the contents covered. According to Buse, Mays and Walt (2012), as an advanced nurse, a succinct comprehension of health policy is critical to having a successful nursing career. Understanding what causes health disparities in the society prepares a nurse to be involved in developing initiatives that ensure equitable distribution of resources (Melnyk, Overholt, Ford & Kaplan, 2012). Nurses are involved in the direct provision of care and therefore learning the various measures to enhance quality is prerequisite. The topic of health policy is broad. I feel that comprehending it fully can only be achieved by reading widely and seeking to learn how some of the current health policies came into existence. It is imperative not to forget that policy changing involves some politics. Turning to Falk (2014), considering the various interest groups is a major step towards influencing the policy making process.

The benefit of understanding evidence-based practice is that the information can be shared with other nurses in the hospital who have never considered embracing it in their practice (Mateo & Foreman, 2014). Evidence-based practice is closely tied to offering quality health services to the patients. Most of the errors in decision making can be eliminated if the decision makers have knowledge in evidence-based practice (Falk, 2014). The content covered during the study only become important if they are practiced in real life situations. The goals of the course go beyond understanding the topics covered. Application of the knowledge during practice, is what produces value to the patients and the community. Having diverse knowledge on how the nurses are expected to contribute to the functioning of the healthcare system is a step towards solving health problems across the globe (Mason et al., 2012).


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