United States Healthcare

The health care system in the United States seems contradictory to many as a result of the medical costs. Taking the case of the McAllen hospital, the county has the largest population with a low-income generation in the United States, yet it is one of the costliest health care system. It has a significant poverty percentage characterized by drunkards. Here, individuals spend a lot on drugs and medical practitioners. The high costs were associated with big numbers of unnecessary medical procedures practiced on the patients.

These procedures surpassed others taken in other hospitals concerning similar ailments. McAllen does not offer distinct better treatment nor does it have better medical equipment than other hospitals to support the high medical charges. Mc Allen in its operation in dispensing medical care carried out more tests, surgeries and patient home care for instance operations of the gallbladder, urinary tract diagnosis, heart operations and mammary diagnosis. McAllen’s motive in the healthcare field is to generate profits from the ailing patients.

The ACA has taken a few measures aimed at managing the health care costs in the United States. They include;

Promotion of universal clearance rates

The ACA prescribed setting and enforcement of spending limits to manage healthcare expenses. The government would support this by issuing grants to medical facilities that would outline to the public their medical quality and expenses (Burwell, 2015).


Encourage use of other payment modes

The ACA encouraged remitting fixed payment to doctors and medical facilities for treatment rendered instead of remitting payment for each service (Wager, 2017). This is to be implemented by all medical practitioners both in the private and public domain. It should be prioritized heart and cancer procedures (Shi, 2014)


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