High Cost of Drugs Causes Poor Health

High Cost of Drugs Causes Poor Health


Appropriate treatment and concern for the clients with the prescribed medicine calls for consistent application of drugs as prescribed by the physician. According to … drugs are not used by the patients as prescribed. High cost of drugs affects the quality of health among individuals and poor productivity among people in a society. High cost of pharmaceutical medication in the United States has left many individual being unable to follow the prescription of the doctors in treating their diseases that has negative impacts on their health. High cost in America has made many citizens to be in the realm of poor health.  … argues that United States have the highest price in pharmaceutical medication making it difficult for most of the American being unable to adhere to the prescriptions. The high cost of the drugs has resulted from drug manufacturing companies that has been focusing on profit maximization neglecting whether the patients can be in a position to purchase the drugs or not. With an aim to cure the diseases, most individuals in the country have been substituting the prescribed drug with cheaper ones that can pose a threat to their lives. Research by … shows that individuals tend to comply with the prescriptions if the cost is low making the pharmaceutical medication affordable. There is increased call to reduce the medication cost to improve the health of people across the globe. The aim of the study is to evaluate and compare the relationship between the health condition of an individual and cost of pharmaceutical medication


… postulates that high cost of medication discourages individuals from consuming the prescribed drugs made treat the disease. The high cost mostly occur because of the drug companies being concerned about their profit and well-being. The government and medical organization should intervene by coming up with new and additional regulations and rules with an aim of reducing the cost of prescription. In the country, the pharmaceutical companies have been interfering with the guidelines and policies established resulting to increasing the cost of their products. Reducing and implementing new policies would help to improve the medical conditions of individuals. With the present rules, regulations and policies, the pharmaceutical companies have remained in full control of the industries dictating the price they require for their drugs. Inability of the clients to purchase the drugs from other countries that can be detrimental to their health causing poor health performance.

Drug organizations have been taking advantage of their influence in putting rules in place that favour them in making prices with an ambition of making better profits making the medication to be high. The current rules are playing critical role in maintaining the cost of pharmaceutical medication high therefore affecting the quality of health. Research by … shows that failure of the patients to adhere to the prescription has an adverse challenge to the community and society because it result to reduced health outcomes. The present rules and policies have made it possible for the drug companies to dictate the prices they would call for the drugs. High cost of drugs by the companies reduces the affordability of the drugs by the clients especially the lower earners. … argues that in most developed countries, only 50 percent of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses are able to follow the prescriptions of the doctors. Patients use less drugs or prescriptions especially because of high cost causing risks to the life and decreasing the quality of their health.

High cost of pharmaceutical medication has been high in the country because the current policies has made it difficult for the United States to control the prices of drugs. Most of the other countries have been making progress in reducing their medication cost as compared to America. On the other hand, the drug sector in the country has been able to influence the IRS that has made the companies to make plentiful gains from their business. The companies have been making large profits through high reduction in the amount of their tax and transfer of finances of the drug firms to off-shore accounts where the level of tax is low. Patients suffer high cost of purchasing the drugs while the companies are making huge progress in their profits. Inability to access the medicine because of the high prices poses great risks to the health conditions of an individual.

A study by … shows that most people in America are purchasing their medical drugs online from other nations that are offering them at a relatively low price. Poor health of the patients arise when considering the quality of the drugs purchased from other countries. The value of the drugs purchased online may not meet the required specification affecting the medical conditions of the patients after consumption. … argues that at least one patient from America purchase his or her drug online from other countries because of high prices in the home country and the number is highly increasing. About 10 to 30 percent of medicines sold in other countries have high likelihood of being tampered compared to the medicine manufactured from the developed countries like America. By some of the drugs being counterfeit, the health conditions of the clients purchasing and using them is likely to decrease and even cause additional health challenges.

Although most companies from other countries maybe selling the drugs at lower prices, they may fail to reveal what they claim to be. For example, most of the online pharmaceuticals are likely to claim their Canadian origin because of the high perception by the Americans that the Canadian provides high quality products especially drugs. A test by scientists on the online drugs purchased shows the counterfeit nature of the drugs revealing the illegality of the online pharmacies and therefore showing the negative impacts that of the drugs to the individuals…. The use of drugs from online illegal companies that may be counterfeit can cause additional health issues other than eliminating.

High cost of pharmaceutical medication has made it difficult for most individuals especially the unemployed and the low-earning persons from consuming the quality drugs that matches their diseases. … calls from introduction and implementation of new rules and policies that can result to reduction in the medical cost therefore improving the medical or health conditions of people across the country. the relationship that exist between the health condition of an individual and the medications he or she is receiving is direct with high quality medication resulting to improvement of the health conditions of a person and the lower quality reducing the quality of health of a person. Turning to the work of … one finds that in the united states, almost half of the country’s population in america suffer from atleast one chronic disease and those who fall full prescription from the physician have been showing positive progress in gaining their proper health as compared to patients who fail to follow the full medication. Adhering to medical care concerns reduces the spending on annual spending on healthcare and reducing emergencies. High cost of medication has adverse effects on the quality of life. Introduction and review of the existing rules and policies can help in improving the health conditions of people by ensuring that the people can acquire the prescribed drugs at reduced cost therefore improving the health conditions of the community and society.

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