Homeland security department

Homeland security department

Homeland security department has the mandate to secure the United States from any threat that it faces. It has deployed about two hundred and forty thousand employees that ensure its mandate on cyber security analyst, emergency response; border and aviation security and chemical facility inspection are conducted promptly. All this is to make sure that America is safe. Homeland security department came into being by integrating all if not part of 22 different departments and agencies found within the federal into one and integrated unit. This establishment led to more efficient as well as a strengthened institution that can make America a safer place free from any threat. Currently, several court cases have propelled the function of homeland security department. For instance, border security cases, terrorism cases, cyber-crime cases, human trafficking cases and natural disaster management cases.

Some of the cases include  Department of home security v Robert Maclean on disclosure of information on confidentiality may lead to an exemption of information to prevent any threat to the nations due to third party risk (“Department of Homeland Security,” 2015, p. 45). This case remains relevant to the agency in ensuring that information that is privy to the nation is not disclosed to the public

Another instance is about Castro v. Homeland security department challenging the validity of deportation and detention orders. It was later upheld by the Supreme Court since it was in contravention of the Constitution on the protection of U.S citizens (Gordon, 2011, p. 56). It led to the execution of full rights of protection on anybody seeking asylum in U.S soil regardless of being a citizen as directed by the Supreme Court.

Therefore, it is evident that the court cases contributed to change of operation by the Homeland security department by enhancing due diligence and conforming to the demands of the constitution that is supreme.


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