The Type of crime

Typically, homicide is a type of crime that describes a killing of one individual by another. This means that this crime is limited to non-negligent manslaughter as well as murder. This is because there are other types of justifiable types of homicides that exist in the society such as when a law enforcing officer kills an individual while defending another or for his self-defense. In addition, there exists other type of homicides that results from recklessness or negligence such as accidental deaths (National Center for Victims of Crime (U.S.) & United States, 2016). However, focusing on crime, this paper will examine a type of homicide where an individual decides to kill another person intentionally.

Possible Reasoning

Most homicide cases are reported in urban areas in the United States and are committed mainly against or by extremely active criminal offenders (National Center for Victims of Crime (U.S.), & United States, 2016). Most of the homicide offenders have large associations in regards to the criminal justice system. Research studies have established an overwhelmingly prior association with the criminal justice system by the majority of individuals who are charged with homicide (National Center for Victims of Crime (U.S.), United States & United States, 2010).. In this regard, it is plausible to state social factors such as peer pressure, drugs, low background education, lack of family support system as some of the factors that forces the offenders to be highly involved with criminal justice system. Further, generally about 15% of the residents in United States have been able to encounter a form of criminal record in their lives. Bureau of statistics indicated that about 77% of the total homicide offenders had encountered a prior criminal record in their lives (Mamet, Jans, Mantegna, Macy & Nogulich, 2011). Homicide offenders are mainly characterized by psychopathology, violence, dangerous accidents, criminality, substance abuse as well as hazardous behavior.

Structure of Homicide

Homicide crime is mainly clustered in few locations, offenders as well as in victims just as most other crimes. However, in urban areas, homicide is reported highly among groups involving chronic homicide offenders as well as in various gangs (Mamet et al., 2011).. These are individuals who are conversant with law and thus, have had prior criminal records. In addition, it is critical to understand that both urban offenders and victims are in many cases involved in various violence dynamics that are often ongoing.  These types of violence may be as a result of respect, vendettas or retributions.

Recommendations of Preventing Homicide

Community-based partners, the justice community as well as the police departments can establish viable strategies to deter homicide crime from escalating. This is mainly by focusing on various limited resources such as identification of conflicts especially from risky individuals or groups in the community. In this context, it is worth to note that an analytical methodologies used commonly in various places have been able to yield clear description regarding social problems brought about by homicides. In this regard, they have enhanced and facilitated the creation of initiatives aimed at preventing the occurrences of homicide. These initiatives have borne promising results in various cities across the United States whereby homicide has been reduced drastically, including non-fatal serious crimes or violence.

Additionally, the law enforcing department needs to be more involved in programs aimed at preventing homicide crimes. This is because instead of improving the ability of learning and understanding risky individuals and groups in the community, they are more focused in problem oriented policing.


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