How do think aloud practices and instructional conversations help support students who struggle with reading comprehension?Explain

Chapters 7, 8, 5, 3, 9

Directions: Answer all questions thoroughly – Be sure to use proper citation
1. How do think aloud practices and instructional conversations help support students who struggle with reading comprehension? (3 points)

2. Communicating with parents should happen beyond report cards and sporadic parent-teacher conferences. Chapter three provides several suggestions. Choose one that you believe would be most effective and discuss the benefits associated with this method. (3 points)

3. You have a student in your class who has been diagnosed with a learning disability. How could learning about the students’ interests help build your relationship with the student and build peer relationships? (6 points)

4. Why is consistency such an important concept for teachers to understand, especially for students with disabilities? What happens if you are not consistent? (3 points)

5. Why should students be involved with developing the rules and consequences of a classroom? (3 points)

6. Why do many educators argue against the use of punishment? (3 points)

7. Why is it important for teachers to not only correct poor behavior but also teach children self-monitoring and self-management skills? (3 points) Chapter 8

8. You have a student in your class diagnosed with ASD. Why is it imperative that you know their likes and dislikes? (3 points)

9. What does the statement, “Understand why behaviors are occurring”, mean? What is the benefit of knowing why behaviors are occurring?(3 points)

10. ( This article provides several suggestions on how to effectively engage parents and encourage them to “open up” so that you can listen for important information. Choose 2 that you believe you will try – Explain your choices. (6 points)

11. Read through the following report:, – the section titled Parent Experience – between what was stated in this report and in chapter 3 of the textbook, how will you ensure that parents have positive regard towards you and the school? Explain. (3 points)

12. Please state yes or no as to whether each of the following objectives are measurable (5 points):
_____ The student will (TSW) work in small groups to compare and contrast characters from a story. Accuracy will be measured by a 4 point rubric.
_____The student will analyze and match each work with its correct genre, given four works of short fiction of contrasting genres.
_____ Given twenty examples of incorrect verb tense usage, the student will identify and correct a minimum of sixteen instances.
_____TSW do a word sort categorizing words into 2 groups 8 out of 10 times correctly.
_____TSW ask appropriate “wh-“ questions (who, what, when, and where) after reading a passage with 100% accuracy.

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