How do you assess Biopure’s potential in the human market?

Biopure Corporation (9-598-150)

How do you assess Biopure’s potential in the human market? The animal market?calculate the market potential for Oxyglobin (animal market) and Hemopure (human market). Thus, the answers are quantitative in nature for Q1.
What are the biggest obstacles to success in the human market? The animal market?
How might Oxyglobin be a threat to Hemopure? How might be an asset?
Should Biopure release Oxyglobin? (How would you assess Oxyglobin’s market potential?) If so, at what price? How should it be distributed?In Question 4, you can bring in some qualitative information to further comment on Oxyglobin’s market potential.
If you were Andy Wright, how would you market Oxyglobin?

There will be four written assignments in this course. Questions are based on the following four cases that we will cover in the class: Barco, US Coffee (A), Ontela and Biopure. Questions for these assignments can be found in the Appendix. These assignments can be done individually or in pairs.

These written assignments should not exceed four pages. Up to three pages of supporting material (tables, figures, graphs) may be attached. This material should be referenced in the text of the write-up. Professional quality writing and presentation are expected. Write-ups must be double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1” margins.

Your answers and recommendations should be based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of case data. Your analysis should anticipate potential objections to your recommendations and illustrate its superiority over other alternatives. It should be analytic and deliberative in tone. The most persuasive documents are the ones that debate more than advocate. After all, if you do not look at all alternatives, how do you know that you have chosen the best one? In answering the case questions, do not describe the case, but focus on the following three factors: 1) careful analysis of the situation, 2) description of your decisions or recommendations; 3) supporting logic and analyses. Assignments will be described in more detail as we get closer to the due date. Note that these assignments require data analysis as well as creativity/judgment.

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