How Russia and China Hacking Affects the United States

How Russia and China Hacking Affects the United States

The united Sates intelligence report claimed that the Russian hacking endeavours to influence the U.S elections were personal and political. The perpetration was political in the sense that the concealed campaign was meant to influence the U.S presidential elections in favour of Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton. The undertaking was personal as it was meant to denigrate Mrs Clinton and taint her electability as well as her presidency bid. The personal efforts were to undermine and discredit Mrs Clinton future presidency.

The effects of China Hacking on the United States Cyber Security

The nuisance cyber espionage by China has continuously undermined U.S cyber security calibre.  The attacks have adversely impacted the American Physical military cyber security infrastructure. The perpetration by use of electronic attacks has disrupted and seemed to take interfere with American military drones. The attacks have somehow created a disruption of the connection between the U.S aircrafts and satellite.  The U.S cybersecurity has been hit hard through the massive impact on American military installations as well as interruption of government infrastructure. The attacks have compromised the U.S cybersecurity system through spoofing and holding U.S sensitive information on federal employees. The attacks have caused a breach on government and military data held. The attacks have caused a national security risk on American. The intrusions have caused a compromise in the American intelligence capabilities.  Pilferage of  information from database by Chinese hackers.

President Barrack Obama Cyber Security Policy

The cybersecurity policy ensured ability to pinpoint attackers. It outlined an effective plan that is quantifiable but efficiency. Aimed at augmenting the level of American cybersecurity defences. It covered public and private sector cyber space. Purposed to deter and create disruption on malicious cyber-attacks. It was spread to cyber United States. The policy was meant to effectively respond to cyber security compromise incidents. The policy established a cyber threat intelligence center. The integration center aimed at coordinating cybersecurity strategy.  The policy codified federal governments course for effectively responding to cyber attacks. The policy promoted data sharing between public and private sectors. The policy made financial transactions much safe.


The hack by Russia influenced American campaign.

It impugned Hilary’s credibility to win U.S elections.

The infiltration   bolstered Donald Trump’s chanced of reigning.

The cybersecurity policy helped conform the cyber threat challenges.

The policy made it easier for companies to share threat information.

Protected operations and information

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