How to Study

How to Study


Success in the study either in schools or in any other place depends on how well a person knows the techniques of studying. Good studying skills and habits relating to the organization helps individual improve their ability to study. Any power that a person gains becomes a habit. Fry (2000) perceptively states that all learning contributes to acquiring the habit. Any learning starts by developing habits and therefore by developing professional study habits will make it easier to the people to study effectively. Developing study habits can enable people to obtain their desirable grades, study quickly and apply less effort and finding it easier to study. It is important to be aware of the reasons why a person needs to study, the appropriate place to practice, the best time, the best ways of studying and how to find help in the study (Fry, 2000). It is important therefore to establish good studying habits. In the beginning, it can take a conscious effort to learn and change the studying techniques of a person, but after a while, it becomes easier to incorporate.

Preparing how to study

Every person should prepare adequately to enable him, or she be successful in the studies. Preparation helps a person on the various ways of coping with the challenges that he or she may encounter and the steps to take to respond to them. The different ways that can bring success in studying includes:

Managing your time: proper management of time can help an individual on how to learn. Make a schedule that can be daily or weekly and allocate a certain percentage of your time to studying. Managing time especially by the students can help improve their grades. The allocation of time per day in studying can differ depending on the academic level an individual is in and the field that a person is taking. You should stick to the studying schedule, but it can be recommended to study further for upcoming tests or exams in the various fields. Time management quickly should be realistic and easier to follow and  the .

Pace yourself: Fry (2000) states that in every task that a person aims at undertaking, he or she should set the speed that is best suitable to help accomplish the goal. You should find the appropriate speed or pace that you can be in a position to study with and adjust appropriately. Some concepts and classes may come to an individual naturally, and therefore a person can be able to learn about them quickly. You should adhere to the time you feel being comfortable or the pace that can be useful in producing the best results. However, studying for can mean that more time would be needed for studying.  

Getting enough sleep: studying effectively would call for enough sleep by the person. In the daily schedule, you should allocate a reasonable time of sleeping. It is important to get proper sleep daily because it helps in making best of the time you allocate for studying. Sleeping is important in leading to the test and before taking the tests. Sleep have positive impacts on test taking because it helps to improve attentiveness and memory. Getting proper sleep especially at nights can help you improve performance. Studying all though may be seen as a good idea, but it can only result to cramming of ideas that cannot lead to an understanding of the concepts.

You should eliminate all electronic distractions: electronic devices causes many distractions when studying. Most of the electronic devices are connected to the social media where you can be able to get messages through phones and computer being connected to the internet. You should switch off the phone or put it in a silence mode and put it away to avoid distraction when studying. Unless with an aim or getting some information, you should avoid connecting the computer to the internet.

Effective studying techniques

Various methods can result to effectiveness in studying. The studying techniques can help improve the performance of individuals in their learning areas. You can use the following methods to know how to study.

Use SQ3R: SQ3R is a method of studying that deals with current reading with the aim of helping a person to comprehend and understand and to help in learning the available and purposeful materials. The method enables a person to preview the learning material and actively reading to prepare him or her when reading an article or chapter. It is important, to begin with a survey that helps in glancing through the article or the chapters to look for headings, figures tables, and any strange or bolded words.

Application of THIEVES strategy: According to Fry (2000), when starting to read a new article or chapter, using THIEVES strategy can help in understanding the information it contains, therefore, making it easier to study. For example, it is important to start reviewing the title to understand what it talks about the chapter and to evaluate what the student or learner already know about the article or the book. Reviewing all the section of a material can help to understand it in an easier way. Therefore the application of THIEVES strategy can help a person to know how to study by reviewing the entire material.

Highlighting the important details: it is important for the learner to use highlighters or to underline the essential points in a document to enable him or her to retrieve them with ease when reviewing the material (Fry, 2000). You should not highlight or underline everything because by so doing, you defeat the purpose. You should only highlight the important words and phrases. Highlighting the important details helps in making notes using a pencil or any other writing material on the margin of the document using personal words that can assist in easily understanding the content in the document. Effective studying can be shown by an understanding of the concepts in the material. It is important to provide comments or summary of the article since it helps to improve the performance.

Outline or summarize the material: an efficient way of studying is putting the content in personal words in the textbooks and his or her notes. Through this way, a person can be in a position to view the material in personal terms other that the language used in the material. You should read your summaries and views into the notes if there exist any connection between them. Also, you can come up with an outline and indicate the most important points and the most important sub points.

Make associations: the most powerful way of retaining information is to connect or tie it with the already existing information that has lodged in the mind of a person. Application of memory technique can enable a person to recall large or complicated aggregate of information. A person should take advantage of his or her learning style by thinking about what he or she can have learned and can be able to remember with ease.

Studying Efficiently

It is important to take a break when studying. When studying for some hours, it is important to take at least five minutes break every hour. Breaks help the joints through moving them after sitting for a duration when studying. The break can enable the mind to relax that can enable a person to remember with ease the content contained in the material. Taking break can help a person to improve his focus or to avoid loss of his focus. Taking good notes during lectures or class hours can improve the ability of a person to study or improve his or her effectiveness in study. When revising, it is good to rewrite the notes take in class. Rewriting improves the ability of the person to comprehend the information, therefore, improving his or her study effectiveness. It is possible to improve the efficiency of the study by making things interesting. Fry (2000) postulates that logical arguments cannot give a person motivation of studying.


Understanding the purpose of study helps to adhere to the available techniques that can improve studying. Various strategies have been effective in ensuring that studying is useful and ensure production of positive results or outcomes. Adequate preparation before studying help in ensuring that the learner understands all the main aspects of the material. It is important to review the techniques of studying to ensure application of the best ones that can correspond to the desires of the learner. Maintaining study effectiveness be of help in helping people understand how to study.


Fry, R. W. (2000). How to study. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press.

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