human beings

human beings

The modern human being we see today is believed to have gone through various stages in human evolution history to reach the level modern or rather human beings are today. In early 1750 came a British naturalist and historian by the name Charles Darwin interested in the study human adaptation, one of the key things that captured his attention as he was on his voyage across the globe was variance in the species of human beings and animals he saw at different parts of the world. In different continents he noticed some species of either plants, animals or human beings were not found and some also were concentrated in one place as others were scattered all the entire globe. Darwin adopted the theory of natural selection to help him understand the reason behind existence of some species in almost every corner of the globe while others were nearly missing in majority of the continent.

The natural selection theory suggested that due to increased population of both animals and plants there was stiff competition both for food and nutrients and this made only the species with adaptable skills and features to survive. Those which weren’t able to survive were faced off by extinction of their species. He further explained that because natural resources were scarce in nature, organisms with adaptable features that favored survival and reproduction had a tendency of leaving more offspring than other organisms of different species in order to increase the continuation of such surviving traits over the generation (Gordon & Seckbach, 2009). Natural selection made organism to be more adaptable and suited to their environment to enhance compatibility between the two and ensure survival of both the environment and organism even during evolution period.

As environment was changing very drastic with time organism were also forced to evolve in order for them to ensure continuation of their generation. Natural calamities such as death, draught, floods and even predation made the already limited resources even scarcer and this made organism to adopt various techniques to survive, human beings for example decided to domesticate animals and plants which were on the verge of extinction and also to reduce competition food from other organism.

Creationism on the other side differed with evolution theory to a greater extent since creationism believed in the existence of a supernatural being that created all living and non-living organisms alike. This supernatural being was believed to be God and existed before even the creation of everything on the globe and was entirely based on biblical point of view (Gordon & Seckbach, 2009). Across different religion, culture and races different groups had their different creation stories according to their beliefs but they all conquer that all creation on the surface of the earth were created chronologically. Creationism differs with natural selection theory from the point of different organism evolved in order for them to continually survive the threats of extinction that was imminent due to struggle for food, shelter, mating partner, among other essentials. While biblical point of view is that human beings and other living things were created the way they are today without evolution. The two theories however conquer on the point of adaptation of various organisms to survive better than others.

In conclusion both theories had their own version of how the modern human being and other living organism came into existence but they share a common point that eventually we human beings and other plants and animals emerged though through different approach.



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