Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Purpose and Overview of the Paper

Brunt Hotel Group is expanding its operations in France after the acquisition of a small hotel chain.  It previously had 60 hotels located in the United Kingdom. They are economical hotels which are neat and affordable. The management plans on taking some of their previous managers to oversee the operations after opening up of these hotels. The group has an objective of having 150 hotels in five years’ time and 300 in their ten-year strategy across Europe. Majority of their existing managers said they would love to work abroad. However, none could speak fluent French and rebranding will take four weeks.

The group expects to recruit in large numbers since the majority of employees from the French hotels quit and managers are supposed to be viable to move in case of any problems. After reviewing salaries and advertising for the positions, 30 managers apply, but there are only ten chances. After careful selection, only six qualify and management has confidence in them and ensures that they offer the most support which includes training (pre-departure and on-the-job training in France) and development. Basic French is also taught with the aim that there will be more classes after the opening of the hotels. It uses only one of the training methods with confidence that it will be effective. There will be an outlook of the training plan, evaluation of performance and also recommendations for expatriate support.

Training Plan

A training plan is a document that is used to deliver instructions to an organization on how to conduct training sessions. With a training plan, an organization will be prepared, and there will be no confusion during the training period. Training of employees is important as it enhances hard work and more commitment to the organization by employees (Armstrong, 2014).For Brunt Hotel’s senior management team to provide a good training program to the recruited managers there should be an organized training plan in place, and the new managers should develop effective training plans to use after recruiting staff in France.

Pre-departure Training and On-Job Training

To perform these training, the senior management has to put several things into consideration. These are explained below in a training plan.

Developing the Goals for the Training

For training to be effective, it must align with the goals of the organization. These are the objectives set for organizational success. The trainees of Brunt Hotel Group should, therefore, be made aware of the objectives set to enhance the growth of the hotels to be opened.  This way, they will know why they are required to take the training seriously. French training is also basic in this case.

In Pre-Departure; the objectives of the organization are similar to those of the home hotel these can be used as examples to show the recruit how it has achieved its goals.

In-Job Training; trainers should teach the new managers how to always focus on achieving organizational goals. With the opening of new hotels, objectives are set, and managers should be able to understand them and focus.

Identification of benefits trainees will get from the training session. These are the benefits that will arise from the undertaking of the training program. Human beings tend to perform better when there is some motivation behind (Phillips, 2016). Brunt Hotel Group senior management should ensure that the managers being trained to know the benefits for example attainment of certificates after completion and job security. With motivation, the managers will respond positively to the training sessions.

Pre-Departure; certificates of completion of training on managerial duties can be awarded.

In- Job Training; certificates such as French certificates should be awarded to act as motivation to the new managers.

Forming the basis of the training

Planning the procedure; this will explain at the time that will be taken during the training program, the number of sessions and what will be the topic in each session. This will help in the accomplishment of the set goals. The senior management of the hotel group should outline the topics for the training in a list to enable it to have a focal point during all the training sessions. In Pre-Departure, the procedure should limit time to the four weeks available while In-Job Training should have a limited time scale, for instance, a week to ensure the immediate start of operations in the hotels opened.

Developing lesson plans. These will include the objectives that have been set to be accomplished by the end of each training session. They may include tests and notes on finding reference materials. The management should design their lessons in each session in such a way that there will be order. There should also be the engagement of the trainees in the lessons so that they can easily absorb what they are being taught. Many styles such as the use of demonstrations can be used for effectiveness in the training of the managers since the use of a single method could render boring thus ineffective.

Pre-Departure gives managers to learn about their duties that await them in their new managerial positions while In-Job Training will give them an opportunity to learn about cultural acceptance in their new environment. Therefore, efficient lesson plans should be developed in both pieces of training.

Outline methods that will be used during the training sessions.  Training can be done in groups or one on one. This should be understood by the trainees. Management should ensure that they will alert the trainees on the mode of training. Online methods can also be used such as Skype. Groups are also effective especially small ones. Knowledge about the mode of training will alert the trainees and will be ready at all times.

Determining the time to be taken; since these are managers being trained, they might be busy in their workstations; the senior management should take into consideration such factors and ensure that the time set will be of convenience to all of them and the length of the training should be set.

Details on Preparation of training; Instructions should be made clear, and trainers should be able to understand them easily so that it will help accomplish the set goals. Tools they require to should be stated clearly.

Assessment of the training

The progress should be noticeable, and there can be tests to the managers so that the management can be confident the training was important and goals set were met. The management should also choose qualified trainers so that the training will be effective as required. Training costs should also be included in the training plan. Tests should include, in our case, on basic French.

 Notes on Pre-departure Training

Using the plan developed above, the management will easily be able to run the training sessions for the managers. With trained personnel to conduct the training and set goals, the management will easily monitor the training through the offering of tests. This will hence ensure that before the managers recruited are sent to France; they have the necessary skills required to run the new hotels and will focus on the objectives for organizational success. New managers should take advantage of the training to learn on developing training plans for future reference by observing how the plan used to train them is being run and implemented.

Notes on On-Job Training in France

This will be after the placement of the managers in the new hotels France. The managers will be induced knowledge on handling cultural differences and understanding the culture of French people. Senior management should also ensure there is a continuous training on the French language after the managers are settled. This way, it will ensure that there will be an effective accomplishment of the objectives in the hotels which is major, profit maximization and provision of excellent services in the new hotels in France. The managers should also ensure that they use the right criteria during selection since they will be responsible for hiring new staff in the hotels in France. Their training plan in their new workstation should be as effective as the one used by senior management in training them.

Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation refers to a systematic approach to examining how employees fairing in their set duties and responsibilities regarding their job description. It encourages employees to perform their job with diligence and can be an opportunity for more development (Armstrong, 2014).Employees can be promoted to senior positions and also compensation may increase regarding their productivity. To get the best evaluation, there are important things that should be considered. These include;

Ensuring there is a direct link to the specifications of the job description. In this case, to get the best result considering the recruited managers, there must be examined to ensure the evaluation process is being done accordingly;

Obtaining feedback from other managers. As much as they had been disqualified, their opinions matter in evaluation;

Involving employees; avoiding bias; use of various methods of appraisal; ensuring performance is in line with the goals of the organization and assessment of the evaluation regarding each job specification (Albrecht, 2015)

With the above information, it’s easier to select the best evaluation model for the managers recruited

The best performance appraisal method for expatriate

Various appraisal methods are used in the evaluation of the performance of an employee. However, in this case, the best method for the expatriates is;

Use of the 360-degree feedback method

This method entails obtaining information about a particular employee, in this case, the recruited manager, from everyone that interacts with him or her during working hours. People from which information can be obtained include supervisors, the subordinates, peers, and customers who might have crossed paths with the shortlisted manager. Information obtained from this method is very helpful especially in startup businesses since through it, behaviors are obtained regarding the person. It also reduces bias since everyone can be included to contribute to details about the said person. Managers with anger issues and other attitudes are also determined. In essence, this method will help identify the weakness and strength of the manager in question.

The senior management of Brunt Group of hotels can use this information in deciding the best managers who can be able to maintain the new hotels effectively. Effectively means those that can implement set objectives to enhance organization success (Brewster, 2014). As much as the 360 degree is a little time consuming, the senior management can fasten it to fit within the four weeks remaining to open the new chain of hotels in France since not only the individual is to be provided with an opportunity for growth but also the organization’s success is put into consideration.

Criteria for assessment of expatriate performance

After using the appraisal method, cross-examination on the profiles of the managers shortlisted should be done to obtain the suitability for the job in a place with a different culture. Personality is key in suitability for cross-cultural jobs (Gatewood, 2015). The manager should be ready at all times to relocate. Family issues are put into consideration regarding the situation at the home of the shortlisted managers, illness spouse, and children. Further examination of the managers should be done especially on the character of the person. Tolerance, respect, flexibility, sociability, and attitude can be used to access the managers (Gatewood, 2015).  Personality check is important. The manager should be able to adapt easily to the new culture of French people. This enhances viability as it analyses weaknesses, strengths, and level of competence. Senior management of the hotel group will be able to select best employees from the shortlisted.

Expatriates Support Recommendations

When the selected and trained managers are in France, they will need continued support from the senior management of Brunt Hotels Group.  There are measures that the management can take to ensure their continued support. These are;

Assigning people to overlook the new managers in their workstations

To ensure that it does not lose contact with the employees’ abroad, the management can appoint people that will oversee the work being done by the new managers in France. They will ensure that the new managers feel accommodated due to their occasional visits to analyze performance and notify the managers of the developments going on in their home country, that is, the United Kingdom.  The new managers can hence have a platform where they can tell the problems they are facing in France.

Frequent Communication and meetings

The senior management should ensure it keeps in touch with the managers in France. Communication can be enhanced by requesting for monthly updates and statements on the performance of the new hotels. With frequent meetings, the new managers can be able to air their views and problems faced with ease. This is hence a supportive measure that can be adopted to ensure that every manager will feel appreciated and his or her work recognized. This will also enhance hard work.

Continuous Training Programs

In France, management should continue training the new managers, for example, French language and arrange seminars for them to attend. This will make them feel supported, and they can interact with different cultures easily. These training and seminars should also have a motivation behind them such as certifications that add a lot to the resume of these managers. There is motivation earned when managers get such opportunities and will in return offer the best services in the new hotels (Veldhoven, 2016).

Sharing Experience with Expats to Motivate Them

The management can find a way to share the experience that is earned by the managers in France. They can post on the internet or make bulletins that can be distributed to the various branches (Veldhoven, 2016). Managers will appreciate the concern and feel included in the Group’s activities. It will act as a motivation to them. Other people can also learn from dissemination of such information. Expats need support and encouragement from the management to perform tasks leading to attainment of organizational goals effectively.


Conclusively, training programs in organizations such as Brunt Hotel Group can increase competency. Through proper training methods, the new managers to be posted in France will have an opportunity to grasp new ideas on management and also recruitment. Performance appraisal is a motivation to employees. The new managers will have an opportunity to enjoy benefits and increased compensation due to their productivity in their job descriptions. To select the most viable candidates, the management mostly considers the personal traits of an individual. In this case, a good personality is to be looked into to ensure that select managers are suitable for the cross culture job. Management should enhance continued support of the managers in France to enable them to feel included and should also offer more training programs.


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