Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

One of the most well-known photos from Hurricane Harvey was a photo of six elderly women in a flooded nursing home still in their chairs.  This obviously caught the attention of the media and sparked outrage from the public.  The nursing was identified as the La Vita Bella Nursing home.  The nursing home was directly affected by the mass flooding that Harvey brought on in Texas.  The residents of the nursing home were all safely evacuated by emergency personnel and were finally brought to safety after the photo has surfaced.  My immediate impression of the preparation and safety of the structure of the nursing home is very weak.  I remember seeing this photo and could not understand how these elderly citizens were in this situation, to begin with.  As it is known, Hurricane Harvey brought about record rainfalls, which led to mass flooding that Houston and the surrounding areas had never seen before.  This was not something that could have been known nor perfectly prepared for but should have been prepared for to some degree.  In my opinion, all the residents in the La Vita Bella Nursing home should have been evacuated out of the Houston area and brought to safety.  Even if the nursing home was not expected to be in any danger, it is not worth taking the chance with elderly citizens.

Hurricane Irma Shutting Down Hospitals

Following Hurricane Irma making landfall in Florida, many hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies were shut down.  With this occurring, it left many citizens without any help after the hurricane cleared and left those facilities still open with a heavy workload.  The hospitals had prepared for this to happen and ensured they were stocked with medications and had the supplies to sustain medical operations.  Shortly after Hurricane Irma had cleared many medical facilities began to reopen.  In my opinion, I feel the hospitals in Florida handled the storm of Hurricane Irma very well and ensured they closed medical facilities and evacuated medical personnel out before Irma could hit.  Doing so enabled for the quick reopening of medical facilities.

Wildfires in California

Wine Country in California was devastated by wildfires that California has never seen before.  Many homes, businesses, and communities were destroyed as uncontrollable wildfires swept through Napa Valley.  Additionally, the healthcare sector took a major hit due to the wildfires as well.  Hospitals had to evacuate all patients to safer locations to ensure the fires would not destroy the hospitals.  All patients were evacuated safely but the communities in the Napa Valley area were destroyed. Medical personnel immediately began to attempt to work but with power lines down phone calls could not be made and critical personnel could not be found.  In my opinion, I feel the medical personnel in California did the best they could with such short notice of the oncoming fires.  In the future, I would say medical personnel should devise a plan of how to contact one another when the power is out and phone lines are down.




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