ICTS Europe

ICTS Europe

ICTS Europe was established as an independent company in 1989 and has concentrated on providing security solutions for public safety industries and transportation. According to Airports | ICTS Europe (2017) ICTS Europe Company has over 10,000 employees across 22 countries as their clients are spread all over the world. It operates in the United Kingdom although it has branches in countries where they have cleients.

The company offers airport and airline security and is positively regarded and recommended for the aviation sector due to the forward thinking approach in coming up with the best solutions. They also display a high level of thinking outside the box while addressing operation challenges. Some of the company clients in the airline industry are Air Force, Emirates, British Airways, Etihad Airways, and also some of the major airports like London Gatwick and Heathrow (Airports | ICTS Europe, 2017).

Some of the airport security ICTS Europe offers are Hold Baggage Scanning, Central Search, and checkpoints, training screeners on behalf of the airport authorities, welcoming and receiving customers, Executive lounge and check-in agents, Customer services and concierges, perimeter security and access control (Airports | ICTS Europe, 2017).

The basic requirements to be hired in ICTS Europe Company are; checkable work experience, clearance of criminal records checks and counter terrorism checks, excellent communication skills for both oral and written, flexibility according to the company schedules of the company, good administration skills, and basic computer skills. Also one has to be of 18 years, and this should be proved as well as having a clean record, and this is proved by the criminal department clearance certificate.

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