Identification of a Clinical Problem

Identification of a Clinical Problem


In the previous employment, there was a problem of unhealthy community. The health issue resulted to disease outbreak. Many diseases reported to the institutions by the community members were caused by poor livelihood including nutrition, poor environmental conditions among other factors. Lefkowitz (2007) states that it is imperative to identify the factors affecting people’s health and educating the population on the appropriate measures to minimize the risks.

How the Issue was Resolved Using Research

Research helped curb the problem in the community by coming up with the appropriate measures of mitigating health risks among the people in the region. The organization has been committed in conducting health care needs evaluation and assessment to improve the health of individuals (Lefkowitz, 2007). Through research, the institution was able to offer free education to the community members on the best nutrition and best waste disposal regimes to ensure a clean environment. Research shows that visiting a physician can help maintain good health. The research assisted in explaining to the community members the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and adhering to the health standards as prescribed by the doctors (Lefkowitz, (2007). The problem was resolved by coming up with strategies for managing the health condition in the community and the collaboration or willingness of the community members to adhere to the guidelines.

Synopsis Concerning the Research

The community around my previous working area has been living under unhealthy conditions. The hospital and other organizations have put effort to come up with ideas for helping the society to improve their lives. The attempts by the hospital and other institutions have not been producing results that lead to improvement of the people’s health condition (Lefkowitz, 2007). Nurses and other medical practitioners have worked together to protect the community by conducting frequent research on the community and performing various medications to protect the community. Research undertaken on how to deal with people helped change the mentality of individuals by explaining the importance of maintaining their living conditions healthy through proper disposal of waste materials and other measures that can assist in conserving the environment. Research also has played a great role in explaining to people good nutrition that plays a great role in reducing the likelihood of occurrence of the nutrition based disorder. Lefkowitz (2007) postulates that community medical research is the mainstream of improving the well-being of the community. The hospital employed techniques that included open day campaigns with the aim of creating awareness to the public, therefore, improving the living conditions.

Benchmarking Guidelines

The company was active in focusing on the benchmark criteria to succeed in the developing the health. Some of the guidelines included a comparison of the benchmarks. Various techniques can resolve the problem in the community (Lefkowitz, 2007). Benchmark can compare the methods to obtain the best practices. Utilizing different types of the benchmark guidelines aids in coming up with the best results for eliminating the problem in the community. Also, evaluating the competitor practices or other players in the field was a guideline that helped in coming up with the appropriate technique for eliminating or improving the health conditions of people in the community. Internal evaluation of the organization practices assisted in meeting the research goal (Lefkowitz, 2007). The organization was willing to change by coming up with goals that match the situation and improve it. Operation revision helps improve the outcome from the activity conducted including research.


Electronic Data Used

            To track the progress, the organization used computer-based data to store and show the progress in performing the project activities. Computer data helps in practical storage of information and tracking the rate at which the project is being performed (Lefkowitz, 2007). Computer system provide backup for the information or data of the project, therefore, ensuring consistency in the project. Also, computer system analyses the results of the project and comparing it with the intended results to see whether the project has achieved the desired results (Lefkowitz, 2007).

Nursing Role Associated with the Project

In the project, the role of nursing includes maintaining the quality of the health standards of people by conducting regular check-ups on the people progress regarding health. According to Lefkowitz (2007), nurses also provide advice to the clients on various steps to take in improving their health. Giving guidance and prescriptions to people in public has been a role played by nurses. In the project, nurses interpret client information and assessment data that assist in coming with the appropriate decision (Lefkowitz, 2007). The nursing role also includes administering the orders given by the physician to ensure that the results produced correlate with the project goals (Lefkowitz, 2007). The orders provided by the doctor may include medication to the patients. Nurses teaching patients the appropriate care to take to overcome the medical challenge they might be suffering from.


Lefkowitz, B. (2007). Community health centers: A movement and the people who made it happen. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

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