Image Compression and Storage

Changes in the supply and demand for healthcare have a significant impact on the operation of
medical imaging departments and clinics. Three primary factors that appear to be driving forces
in the increased demand for healthcare are an aging population as baby boomers retire and
require more care, general population growth and an increased interest in wellness by
consumers of healthcare. As a result, medical imaging departments are seeking new and
innovative methods of managing large amounts of data created by an increase in imaging
This assignment focuses on the effective use of image compression and storage in today’s
medical imaging department. Respond to the questions below related to image compression
and storage in the x-ray radiography field.

.Your submission must be a minimum of 250 words in length. Use paragraph form for your
response in 6th edition APA formatting. Do not type the questions listed below as part of your
response. Use APA 6th edition level headings to identify the two topics you are discussing:
image compression and image storage.

Your response must include a minimum of two outside professional resources to provide
concrete evidence to support your work.

Image Compression
Define image compression.

Can compression techniques be used for analog images? Briefly explain your response.
How does lossless compression differ from lossy compression? How does the terminology
“without the loss of clinically significant information” apply to these two categories of

Describe the compression method used in x-ray radiography.

In x-ray radiography department who is responsible for determining and selecting the appropriate
type and amount of compression?

In your x-ray radiography department, who is responsible for periodic review of your compression methods
to ensure appropriate image quality?

Image Storage
Please read the short article on image archiving and storage from the Wall Street Journal (see
Where do you keep all those images, pasted link to article below).

This article,
written for the layperson, offers some interesting statistics and general information on image
storage. From a practical point of view, please compare the situation at Henry Ford Health
System in Detroit with an x-ray radiology department or clinical image storage needs and solutions.


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