Image Compression and Storage

Image Compression and Storage

Image compression

Image compression is the method used to convert or encode an image or picture file in such a way that it takes up less space on storage media than its original file but still maintaining its originality (Bairagi & Sapkal, 2013). It is a technique that is used to reduce an image’s size with less or no loss in its original quality to a greater extent.

Compression techniques for analog images and difference between lossy and lossless compression

For analog images, compression techniques can also be applied, but they have to be converted into a digital format. Since the devices used to generate analog images, cannot compress images into either lossy or lossless formats. According to Bairagi and Sapkal (2013), lossless compression encodes original files where every single data bit is restored after being uncompressed and hence no data or quality is lost (Bairagi & Sapkal, 2013). Medical images encoded in lossless formats especially for high-resolution files take up a lot of storage space, but the original quality is retained. They also take a lot of time to be retrieved especially over a network.

Lossy compression, on the other hand, eliminates some information, especially redundant information. A small portion of the original information is retained though one cannot easily notice that difference (Ivetic & Dragan, 2012). Lossy compressed medical images take less time to encode and also retrieve from the systems or a network (Bairagi & Sapkal, 2013.

Description of the compression method used in x-ray radiography

According to Bairagi and Sapkal (2013), x-ray radiography uses the lossless compression method since the technique retains the original quality. For diagnostics in medicine, it is imperative to preserve the diagnostic validity for future use and easier diagnosis. Information loss can pose a problem for x-ray images.

A radiologic technologist is the one responsible for determining and selecting the appropriate amount and type of compression in x-ray radiography department. The physician, on the other hand, is the one in charge of the regular review of compression methods while providing appropriate image quality in the x-ray radiography department.



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