Imago Dei

 Imago Dei

 Imago Dei means Image of God and is a theological term which acts as a symbolism showing the relationship between God and Humanity (Colson, 2009). It is used to denote that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. Most religions and spiritualists have argued that the meaning of the phrase is not as it sounds but rather it has a figurative meaning and most arguing that the phrase tries to explain that God gave the human being a special honor and that he has the power to rule over the rest of the creation. God gave the man the power to rule over the world and command the other creatures and therefore by so meaning he is superior. Christianity attaches the Image of God statement with Gods man first creation, and that is Adam the concept tries to explain the sins that the first man committed and how they separated with God but also tries to explain the ways that can be traced and reunite man with his God (Fernando & Perera, 2011). For a man to be a good and a true reflection of God they must be in a position to have a good heart and relate with people in a good way that portrays a positive being such that they can be said to be a good example.

The concept can be used in healthcare as the people, and the medical practitioners i.e. the nurses and the physicians are all from the same origin that is created in Gods image and likeness. This, therefore, should be used to promote love and care for the patient as one should see a reflection of God in the patients and therefore do all whatever they can do to save their lives or rather give them the best service that they can. The good relationship and freeness that a patient has with the physicians and the rest of the medical team determine the recovery speed.


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