importance of bureaucracy

importance of bureaucracy

The topic of bureaucracy has raised a lot of questions on its functionality and need in the governance of the United States.  I concur that bureaucracy is aimed at regulating functionality of the government functions, assuring transparency and operational efficiency of the Congress and other functions. Its effectiveness has however received a lot of resistance from the majority of government officials who aim to benefit from its failure. Bribery and other forms of corruption have escalated in the United States government with it expending trillions of dollars of misappropriated taxpayer’s money.

Instead of enhancing accountability, skill sets in the United States have been mismatched with government staff getting a bigger chunk of the cake than their counterparts in the private sector. It’s time that the government stood on its feet to reaffirm the significance and implementation of bureaucracy in its functions. All units should prioritize on integrity in dispensing their services and combat greed for power and resources. Let us empower bureaucracy and move the nation to the next level by agreeing to restore the citizen’s confidence to its former state.


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