importance of personal affiliations and networking for nursing leaders

importance of personal affiliations and networking for nursing leaders

Personal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders. Why are these important? How will they benefit you in your career future?

A social network is a social interaction and personal relationship in the work organization while professional network, on the other hand, is professional interaction and the professional relationship cultivated and maintained in a work environment (Carlson, 2015). Most of the nurses and nurse leaders seem to cultivate more on the social networking than the professional networking.

In the job market, professional networking has contributed to 70% of job linkages in the nursing industry (American Nurses Association, 2011).  In the overall job market 80% of the jobs are obtained through networking, and therefore it becomes important to maintain a healthy professional for excellence in the job market. Recruitment in the health facilities thrives through job referrals as the experience and someone good job goes a long way and therefore earning them a place.

Nursing leaders also need to have a professional relationship and personal affiliations with their jurors for them to be able to address all their issues effectively (Carlson, 2015). Most of the time the issues that lead to opposition of change and decisions being implemented in an organization come about with the nurses not being well-coordinated and represented in the decision-making process. The moment a nurse leads interacts more with his subjects they can also forward their grievances and therefore being incorporated in the final decision.

Networking and personal affiliations can help me as a leader to effectively lead my group without any major issues like a strike and other minor issues that can lead to lowering the effectiveness of the nurses. It can also help me grow my career through job referrals and therefore enabling me to move to greener pastures.


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