In what ways were the Romans heirs to Greek and Hellenistic civilization?Explain.

Instructions: Essay 1 requires you to write a paper of no more than 2,000 words in length. Your essay must be equipped with endnotes and a bibliography, and should be word-processed. Although it is possible to complete the assignment using only the course readings, you are permitted (indeed, encouraged) to consult other books or articles while preparing to write this paper, and you will likely obtain a better grade on the paper if you do so. Consult the “Supplementary Materials” section under this Course Information link for a list of suitable works that you could consult.

Topic: In what ways were the Romans heirs to Greek and Hellenistic civilization? Compare the answers to this question given by Professor Weber and by Professors Matthews, Platt, and Noble. Whose account do you find the most persuasive and the most comprehensive? Explain in detail how and why you have come to your judgement.

The style guide is Turabian, which is based on Chicago. The AU Library

Help Centre has abbreviated versions of both. Use footnotes for citations. Cite the videos as well as the textbook. To pinpoint a quotation from the videos, give the time elapsed from the beginning.

After the bibliography have a separate videography identifying the videos.

The text book is Experience Humanities by Roy T. Matthews, F. DeWitt, Thomas F. X. Noble

And the videos can be found at:

The videos that pertain to the essay are 8, 9 and 10.

Im not sure if you have access to that text book. If not I can scan the pages and email them.

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