Incident and Vicitim Report and Narrative Summary

If you know nothing about invesitgative report writing, criminal justice and detail orientatation. I respectfully request that you do not reply. Only thorough legitimate person need reply. Need A work only  I will pay $30.00. You must know the specific inputs for each space on the Incident and Victim Report. This assignment consists of 2 parts: An Incident Report and Victim Sheet and a Narrative Summary. First, complete the incident report and the victim sheet by filling in the relevant sections of the forms based upon the facts provided in the investigation file. Submit them as 1 document. Second, using Microsoft Word, prepare a 1–2-page Narrative Summary in current APA format. Provide specific details about the incident in an objective manner using only the facts provided in the investigation file. You must use headings throughout the Narrative Summary and present the material in a logical manner as well as use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

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