Individual Self-Reflective Essay.

In the individual self-reflective essay, the student should (a) focus and examine 3 out of the 5 BBA generic learning outcomes that the student identifies as relatively weak, and provide supporting evidence (e.g. subject results and peer comments); (b) integrate and articulate how the work of Capstone Project will or will not help, or has or has not helped, to improve the students identified weaknesses, and (c) give justifications for entrepreneurship and creative thinking. The five BBA generic learning outcomes (GLO) are: (a) Communicate effectively in English, Putonghua and written Chinese, at a level appropriate for business purposes and general conversation; (b) Demonstrate a global outlook and understand cultural diversity, globalisation and their implications for business; (c) Apply creative thinking in the business setting; (d) Identify and respond appropriately to ethical issues as they arise generally and in the business setting; (e) Adopt an entrepreneurial perspective, identifying and evaluating business opportunities as they arise. Rubric 1: Identify any 3 BBA GLOs (select the ones you are relatively weak in) through comprehensive and thorough assessments in the context of your personal development; Provide a good variety of highly relevant evidence, data or examples to support your self-reflection. Rubric 2: Seamless articulation of the CP experience in relation to the 3 relatively weak GLOs, offering very good explanations on how far the CP experience has improved these GLOs. Personal improvement strategies are proposed with good consideration of priorities and personal constraints. Rubric 3: Comprehensive and thorough justifications are given for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the CPs business potentials for (a) new or modified products/services; and/or (b) new customers/markets; and/or (c) production and/or other cost savings. Most justifications are supported by relevant evidence or data. Rubric 4: Exceptional elements of creativity are demonstrated. Most of the ideas, supporting evidence or chosen examples are novel and inspiring. They have been presented lively and coherently throughout the essay. Rubric 5: The language in the submission is highly accurate and appropriate in a good structure (introduction, sub-headings and conclusions), so that it is very easy for the reader to understand the content and follow the flow. All sources are fully and professionally acknowledged and very well integrated.

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