Information System at KDC

Information System at KDC


Key distribution center (KDC) is a system of service intended to supply transportation, telecommunication and control method integration services in southern California (Inoue & Komada, 2014). The government is determined to mitigate the number of hours a driver is supposed to work in a day to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Effect of Compliance Issue on Information System at KDC

According to Inoue and Komada (2014), sleep loss and related disorders lead to myriad accidents on the roads. The scenario has also caused fatalities and massive destruction of property. Consequently, the government is resolute to terminate and reduce accidents completely. The best remedy is to ensure that all the drivers have ample sleeping hours (Inoue & Komada, 2014). In doing so, the long distance vehicles should have two or more drivers to alternate thereby ensuring that every driver will have adequate time to sleep. The KDC has to increase their drivers, a situation that would reduce their profit (Inoue & Komada, 2014).

KDC information System which is Affected by Compliance Issue

The KDC is advocating for California safe soil. The approach is the current system that KDC want to implement (Inoue & Komada, 2014). The compliance of reducing accidents trimmed the harmful transportation miles. Inoue and Komada (2014) claim that the initiative also pacified the soil pollutants.

Recommendation of Modifying the KDC system in addressing Transport Compliance

The KDC system should provide quality services in all of its systems and should be in tandem with government rules and regulations (Inoue & Komada, 2014).

Conclusively, KDC is of immense importance to the people since it offers quality services. However, the population suffers loss following enactment of government rules.


Inoue, Y., & Komada, Y. (2014). Sleep loss, sleep disorders and driving accidents. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, 12(2), 96-105. doi:10.1111/sbr.12064

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