Inter professional

Inter professional


Collaboration acts as the cornerstone of success for almost every team or group. As a result, Inter professional collaboration develops the same benefits of collaboration. The most recent Inter professional collaboration that I have been involved in was educating the community as well as patients at the hospitals on the benefits of proper dental care. The objective to collaborate developed when a mother brought in her ten-year-old son who had a hearing problem to a medical hospital I worked. After a series of examinations, the doctor noted that the boy’s hearing problem was brought about by improper removal of teeth, which impaired his hearing ability.

Involved People

The people involved in the Interprofessional collaboration practice were the doctor who examined the patient and dentist whose role was to explain the complications of unprofessional tooth removal. The mother to the patient who was also tasked with spreading the knowledge to other community members as she now understood the cause of the disease. Pharmacists, nurses as well as some two heads of community health policy were also involved. The main purpose and goal were to educate other patients as well as the community on benefits of professional teeth removal.

My Involvement and Response

I was directly involved in the process by participating as a nurse to the patient as well as an educative peer. On the other hand, I never thought Interprofessional collaboration was as effective as was the case in this collaboration process. This is because without the Interprofessional collaboration the patient’s general well-being was in danger and most likely other members of the community since the mother did not understand the main cause of the child’s illness, which means that other family members could still face the same problem.

How Communication is Related to Inter professional Collaboration

According to Falk, (2016), communication plays the central role in effective coordination and teamwork among the professionals involved. Moreover, through operational communication, the team’s primary agenda is achieved for example through asking the patient questions such as, was the educative platform helpful? Or what they have learned from the collaboration practice.

How Patient Satisfaction and Outcome are related to Interprofessional Collaboration

The primary aim of the interprofessional collaboration is to improve the quality of service delivered to each patient. This is because over time the medical industry is becoming more complex not forgetting diverse in regards to the doctor’s role and also patient’s needs. As a result, through the collaboration process the patient can achieve their needed assistance and at the same time get educated about the problem by qualified practitioners which in turn improves patient satisfaction. Conclusively, interprofessional collaboration positively impacts the patient’s outcome which later improves service delivery.

Future Aspects as a Nurse

As a future nurse, the experiences gained through the inter professional collaboration will go a long way in improving my services delivery practice to the patient as a direct result of the knowledge acquired from the exercises. Moreover, the collaborative involvement developed the need and importance of communication between all stakeholders in the healthcare industry as well as the need to have effective and efficient technological equipment which help in coordinating the team’s activities and progress. On the other hand, I learned the need to understand a patient not only by their illness but also their background in regards to the current disease.


Falk, A. L. (2016). Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care. Linköping University Electronic Press.


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