INTERNATIONAL SECURITY: How should we theorize security?

The major piece of assessment in this unit is an essay; your essay must be around 2,000 ).
Please answer this question in an essay format:
Question: How should we theorize security?
The form of your essay ought to be guided by the Essay Guide, which is available on VU Collaborate. That guide  which is my personal guide to essays  is consistent with the assessment criteria against which your Essay will be marked, and which are laid out below:
Assessment criteria
Your result in this piece of assessment will depend upon whether or not you achieve the following:
Analysis: Have you advanced a clear and persuasive central argument that responds directly to the essay question, and deployed critical analysis in order to develop and support that argument?
Organisation: Have you organized your essay so that it is clear and coherent and so that it supports your argument?
Research: Have you identified and critically analysed materials relevant to each essay topic and employed those materials in the development and defence of your argument?
Communication: Have you presented your essay professionally, referenced the assignment completely (ideally, using the Harvard system), and expressed yourself clearly, in a scholarly style and language?

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