Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship

Internet censorship by the government is important as it prevents us from internet misuse. The increasing misuse and abuse of the internet have necessitated government intervention around the world. Initially, the only way to control cyberspace was through self-regulation. The creation of aspects relating to self-regulation in the cyberspace by the providers of the services has proven to be difficult to implement due to the modern challenges especially on the misuse of internet and content development. The main concern many societies have is that government intervention diminishes their right to share and acquire information, which contradicts the very reason for making the internet. Censorship benefits the users in the following ways:

Protection of the young population

The internet contains both the relevant and irrelevant materials. The content affects the physical and psychological development of children positively and negatively. The presence of unjustifiable material, for instance, adult content and violent scenes are more likely to instill immoral behavior in the children (Jardine, 2017). Some provisions of the law monitor and control to some extent the contents of the internet but do not guarantee complete content regulation. Therefore, undue content is still available in the sites thus the need for censorship. Government censorship aids in regulating the materials circulating on the internet and help safeguard the users to some extent. It does this by removing some information likely to allure children into pornographic and violence websites. The sites have a negative psychological effect on the growth and development of children as they can allure them to adolescent crimes and premarital sexual behavior.

Gender sensitivity and privacy

The monitoring of internet can help women in that there will be a reduction in gender disparities. Some websites show very viral videos and images that women feel their privacy has been invaded. With censorship, women feel that they have been accommodated and can be able to air their views without feeling disregarded. Sexual harassment is hence reduced. Reduction of disturbance is also reduced for example by spam filters where emails that are being received by a person are reduced (Aceto, 2015). A person can be able to block such messages that may be offensive or disturbing. It is also possible to set passwords to private photos and videos. In social sites such as Facebook, a person can block some users, and private messaging is enabled. It is therefore important to encourage more censorship and close monitoring of internet so that privacy is upgraded


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