Interview Questions

Interview Questions

How did you start your career?

Manager A: It was not easy finding an employment opportunity. I had a collection of newspapers from which I would search opportunities. After about a year, I heard of an opening and did not hesitate to apply. I got shortlisted and later on selected for the job as a supervisor where I had to work as an assistant to the project manager. Later on, the assistant project manager got a better job offer in another company, so I was promoted to his position after a successful interview. The project manager was promoted to Chief Executive Officer, and hence I applied for the opening which I was lucky enough to get.

Manager B: I had desperately looked for a job for more than a year when my friend told me of a job vacancy of a personal assistant to the human resource manager in her organization. I applied for the job which I was successful. Later on, the human resource manager submitted her resignation since she was moving to a new country with family and due to my exceptional skills; I overruled the assistant manager and got promoted to the human resource manager.

Manager C: Personally, it was not hard to find employment. My family owns a company, and therefore my father took the position of Chief Executive Officer after the retirement of my grandfather. I hence filled in the position as a manager.

How do you define the success of a manager?

Manager A: Success can be associated with high profits since the manager coordinates all activities.

Manager B: I define the success of a manager with employee satisfaction. When employees are satisfied, the manager is hence successful.

Manager C: High returns define the success of a manager since one is rewarded in accordance to visible details.

What challenges have you encountered as a manager?

Manager A: Family pressure since each wants a job offer which is not possible according to qualifications.

Manager B: Family is a challenge especially during selection. A family member may be disqualified at an interview.

Manager C: Family poses a great challenge since they expect me to give them jobs since I was also given a job by my father which may not be possible since some are not qualified.

What skills should a manager possess to be successful?

Manager A: A manager should have focus, determination, and desire to achieve so that more success will be realized.

Manager B: A manager should be willing to accept corrections and be friendly to employees and to learn on areas to work on.

Manager C: Managers should be easy to talk to know challenges facing fellow workers and should not discriminate against employees.

Why do you think you are suitable for your position?

Manager A: Yes, my determination and commitment have gained me this position.

Manager B: Yes, I am highly qualified and committed to my work.

Manager C: Definitely, I have the required skills, and my level of commitment to work is superb.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Manager A: I see myself as the Chief Executive Officer of this company.

Manager B: Working in a non-governmental organization with ties across the world as a human resource manager since I love associating myself with different people.

Manager C: As Chief Executive Officer of my family company.

Parting Shot

Manager A: The young people should not shy away from challenges to be successful.

Manager B: Females should embrace change since no position belongs to a particular gender.

Manager C: Success is a journey.

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