Interviewing Project Report

Interviewing Project Report

There are different views given by different managers depending on the focus of their careers and achievements. The report summarizes all the responses derived from the managers. Manager A is a Project Manager; Manager B is a Human Resource Manager while Manager C is a Marketing Manager.  Regarding the start of their careers, Manager A explained that he had a rough time finding a job once he was out of college and had to start as a supervisor in another small firm. He later applied for a job vacancy as an assistant manager in his current organization in which he was later promoted. Manager B agreed that it is not easy to rise to the position of a manager and also had to start as a subordinate staff before she was promoted. On the other hand, Manager C stated that he inherited the position from his father who is now Chief Executive Officer and therefore it was not a rough ride for him after college.

When asked how they define the success of a manager, Manager A stated that he considers high profits earned in an organization as his success since he had coordinated all the activities in a particular project, Manager B, however, said that she defines success using employee satisfaction. She explains that a manager cannot be said to be successful if his or her employees are dissatisfied. On the other hand, Manager C agreed with Manager A that a manager is said to be successful if his or her department can draw high returns.

Regarding challenges they have encountered in their career, Manager A argued that being in a high position it is not easy to satisfy the desires of everyone, for instance, family members require favors such as offering them job opportunities which are not possible without right qualifications. Both Manager B and C agreed with Manager A on this with Manager C adding that in his case family members expect him to give them jobs since he was also given an opportunity by his father and should, therefore, return the favor.

On skills that a successful manager should have, Manager A argued that a manager should have focus, determination, and desire to achieve. Manager B stated that a manager should always be ready to learn from others, sociable and easy to talk to so that employees can air their views efficiently without fear and thus managers can identify the areas they should work on. Manager C agreed with Manager B and added that a manager should avoid discrimination. Relating to the questions if they think they are suitable for their current job and what makes them successful, all managers stated that they are highly qualified and their job is as a result of their qualifications and success is as a result of their determination.

When asked where they see themselves in a period of ten years, Manager A said that he could see himself as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization where he is currently a project manager, Manager B stated that she sees herself working in a non-governmental organization still as a human resource manager as it is her passion to associate with people from all over the world while Manager C also aims to be the Chief Executive Officer of the family company where he is currently working. Manager A encouraged the young people to take up challenges without fear; Manager B urged females to be more open to change since no position belongs to a particular gender and Manager C concluded with the quote “success is a journey.”

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