Introducing social media as an information system solution for the organisation

4. Planning IS development
– Organising the impact of an IS development project for the business
(explain the impact of the different social media that will be deployed)
– Reflecting on the impact of the social media proliferation to the sector / industry
(explain how social media have affected the way competitors operate)
– Reviewing the impact of social media on people (customers / employees)
(explain how individuals change the way they work and communicate)

5. Dealing with outsourcing
– Discussing issues relating to outsourcing
(explain how social media deployment aspects can be outsourced)
– Organising and coordinating sub-contracted work
(explain how the outsourced activities can be organised)
– Managing deliverables, communication and collaboration
(explain how human resources will be managed)

Increasing awareness
– Presenting the effects of a global market to the organisation
(explain how social media deployment will open up the business’s market)
– Presenting the effects of customisation to the organisation services/products
(explain how social media deployment will improve the business efficiency)
– Presenting the effects of internationalisation due to regulation/legislation
(explain how the social media may be affected by international laws / directives)

8. Investing in information
– Reflecting on the new sources of information generated through social media
(explain how social media will be used to generate different types of data)
– Reflecting on how social media data can be used effectively
(explain uses of social media information for business purposes)
– Reflecting on how information becomes a business asset
(explain the value of different types of data collected through social media)

9. Report findings
– Summary of how social media will be deployed to the case study organisation
– Summary of how social media was used by the pair
– Summary of how social media was used by individual members
Summary of how social media was used by individual members

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