Is the American dream still alive for entrepreneurs?

Is the American dream still alive for entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs can be said to be one of the engines of the economy in any country as entrepreneurial diversifications steers the economic development and therefore increasing the chances of realization of the economic goals. America being one of the most developed countries has called for the need to maintain the top position in the international trade and one of the ways has been through entrepreneurial and innovation strides that are highly encouraged by the government to the citizens. This therefore has called for incubating, nurturing and encouraging entrepreneurial minds by the government.

The entrepreneurs dream is alive and strong in America. The American government has been very supportive to young entrepreneurs and the already established businesses. Businesses don’t exist in vacuums and there is always the need for expertise, full support as well as investment for them to thrive. The American government has been a key player in ensuring the above mentioned factors are availed and therefore giving the entrepreneurs the leeway to not only venture into business but also have the zeal to match forward. The business environment has also been kept conducive through eradication of factors that could threaten the performance of businesses like terrorism threats and therefore being a clear indication that the businesses have a great shield that reduces the chances of any failures due to external threats.

Some of the issues that has been greatly considered and are the key indicators that the American entrepreneurship dream is still arrive are provision of equal legal systems, streamlining business registration, encouraging a diverse funding universal, enforcement of string intellectual rights, destigmatization of business failure, investment in education, reforming immigration rules and opening doors as well as simplifying the tax laws. The above mentioned factors have really encouraged businesses to expand and also incubation of new ones and therefore clearly showing that the entrepreneurial future is still great.

In conclusion the support from the government and the positive drive that has been shown by the American investors in entrepreneurship will play a major role in ensuring that there are always positive stride being taken in the entrepreneurial world and therefore making this not only guarantee the state of the economy but also keep the entrepreneurial dream alive in the American economy.


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