Islam and European powers

Islam and European powers

The widespread of Islam and European powers in the Middle East and northern parts of Africa portrayed the power of the religion. Islam leadership had the aim of fully bringing Christianity religion into non-existence within the entire Africa and forcefully engage the Africans to worship the Allah. The European and Islam powers lead to increased level and tendency of international relationships to the Africans with the aim to improve on international networks. Enhanced level of international networks was carried out through economic, political and religious forms (Iliffe, 2017. Prophet Muhammad is one of the people who lead to impacts in Africa. During the 15th through 16th centuries, Sub-Saharan was a major centre where leadership was forcefully taken from the African leaders by the European and Islam powers. In Africa, around A.D 800 to 1500, there was an increased level of international inter-relations as an indicator of growing international networks.

With the changes in social, religious and technology fields, many people were influenced greatly as they made effort to adapt to them. For example, the Christianity had enough time to convert their faith from Christianity to Islamic while others resisted the Islamic religion (Sanneh, 2015). Varying geography, religion, politics, language and other aspects of life in Africa lead to lack of unity in the political sector. With no unity within the country’s leadership body, it is likely that the nation will not operate in accordance with the expectations of its citizens hence reduced economic growth which leads to reduced standards of living among the general citizens.  Despite the split of the invaders and the internal authority in the 16th century, goldfields continued to provide a source of power and trade within the continent. With the history and knowledge regarding the background of politics, we clearly understand how much Africans has fought for their present freedom.


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