Job Classification

Job Classification

Understanding Job Classification

Competency based job description

Competency based job description is used in organization’s human resource management department to define the roles of employees while still giving room for growth and development in their careers. The method outlines the role and responsibilities, title, experience and level of knowledge needed for a particular said job (Armstrong, 2014). The competencies of an individual are also considered such as good public speaking skills, leadership, flexibility and the ability to innovate demonstrated by an individual who is willing to take the job described.

The characteristics of competency based job description include:

  1. The title of the job for example Finance Manager
  2. Pertinence of the post, in essence, the level of importance of the position to the organization
  3. Roles and responsibilities that the person who will take the job will be required to undertake on a daily basis.
  4. Standards or tests that establish a comparison through which individuals will be selected for the job
  5. Most favorable standards that the candidate should possess in order to be able to run the day to day activities smoothly
  6. The person whom the selected candidate will report to on the performance of their duties


Competency based job description are important in businesses in that:

They make the recruitment process easier and help in appointment of the fit candidate that will be able to smoothly run the operations of the department given (Armstrong, 2014). Through competencies, matching the job to candidates during selection is enhanced and the highly performing individuals are distinguished from those who perform poorly (Cook, 2016).

Task based Job Description

Task based job description focus on how the work will be done but do not consider the changing nature of prerequisite in the workplace and the current set of work determines how individuals are selected at that time (Gatewood, 2015). Comparable tasks are given to the most enthusiast worker.


The information in task based description that determines skills and abilities of candidates is used in competency based description to select individuals in the position that requires to be filled.


  1. Task based description does not take into account the changing workplace needs such as training on the other hand, competency based description allows room for development of workers.
  2. A set payment is used to pay employees in task based description while the education level and behavioral characteristics of individuals determine the payment suitable for the employee.

Broad banding

Activities such as broad banding can be used to settle differences in payment relating to job description method used. Reduces hierarchy in that those who are highly paid do not look down on the low income earners, facilitate development in the organization since people become more at ease and management can be more trusted (Llorens, 2015). However, there are disadvantages of broad banding such as reduced awareness of the externalities since managers will pay at a midpoint rather than market payment (Llorens, 2015). There is also a reduction in promotions since the management will be unwilling to pay more to employees.

Ideal knowledge, skills, and abilities for a minority recruitment director for your organization

Should have taken a course on BA in Psychology and M.S in Government specializing in Personnel Management from a State recognized institution

Should have experience in the position of Assistant Personnel Director handling selection, payroll and benefits administration and development of staff OR experience in Personnel Director position managing labor relations, recruitment and selection, training and compliance of affirmative action.

Should be focused on attaining the overall mission and vision of the organization

He should enhance distinct training programs for all individuals, coaching frameworks for new recruits and overlook racial discrimination in the organization.

Should be a politically adept speaker capable of communicating and dealing comfortably with the media and other federal compliance agencies

Should have proper combat training and skills which will enable him or her perform his duties effectively of upholding peace in the society.


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