John Simpson Kirkpatrick

John Simpson Kirkpatrick

John Simpson Kirkpatrick is a historic figure that has had the most influence on me. Simpson was born in England in 1892. At the tender age of 17 years he had joined the Merchant Navy following his short affiliation with the local Territorial Army. He later became a deserter at New Castle. Simpson moved from Britain and went to Australia where he spent three years serving as a fireman, greaser, and steward on the coast of Australia. In 1914 Simpson became a member of 3rd Field Ambulance, and it was his service in Australian Army Medical Corps. When he landed in Gallipoli in 1915, he developed a creative idea of carrying injured patients using donkeys and delivered them to the doctors at the station. His quest for saving lives was unstoppable considering that he was never scared of the massive gunfire that was being exchanged in the battlefield but concentrated on carrying wounded soldiers to the dressing station. Historians report that Simpson was cheerful when doing his challenging work of carrying wounded soldiers in an ongoing battle and worked day and night (Johnson, 2015). His service did not last long as he was shot on May 19, 1915.

Simpson inspired me to complete junior reserves training course for the Navy that prepared me to serve other people as Simpson did. The reason I have joined the diagnostic medical sonography professional is that modern medicine emphasizes more on diagnosis. Just like Simpson offered his service to save the lives of others, I want to save the lives of people by helping doctors make the right diagnosis for diseases. I have come across people who died because of the right diagnosis not being done early enough to prevent disease advancement to fatal stages. My primary goal is to ensure that proper diagnosis is done so that patients get the right medication avoiding loss of life due to the wrong diagnosis.


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